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  1. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    So True. Their hidden perspective comes to light. Everyone wants a jeep-sized Jeep but not everybody has earned a life that can maintain one.
  2. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    For some reason those look alot more agile and maneuverable. NOW POST THE LONG WAGON VERSIONS OF BOTH FOR COMPARISON... That's how everyone sees the 4 door wagons BTW.
  3. Wrangler 2-door 2-seater option

    Electric progress for the 2 door 👍
  4. 2.0L 4cyl engine reliability issues?

    Very impressed So far. I'm at almost 30k with Zero issues. The only change I made was getting a better muffler for improved sound and clearance... last wrangler was the 3.6l penastar which struggled at high elevations and before that I had the dreadful 3.8l which couldn’tget out of its own...
  5. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    Agreed, the front door of the Bronco is way too long, we all like the Wrangler front door size... BUT the rear wheel well of all Wranglers look weird when lifted on stock tires, especially the wagons which look bowlegged. Most 4 doors owners don't even take the time to buy rear LCA to center the...
  6. 2 Door JLR with Bfg ko2 37x12.50.17 before & AFTER lift measurements . Rear has 3/4” coil spring spacer. Stock wheels w/ 1.75 spacer

    Thanks for showing the measurements. So it looks like your spacer lift sits at exactly the same height as my 2 inch Danatrac lift kit plus 1/2 terflex spacers in both f/r. So it's a 2.5 lift. I upgraded all the LCAs and adjustable both f/r trackbars just to get everything streched out and...
  7. To dress tires or nah??

    Shine is like chrome on a jeep ... not necessary
  8. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Rainy day in the mountains in the turbobee ✌
  9. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    I found a list of JL WRANGLER weights by engine types for both 2 & 4 doors. It's interesting that my 2 door JLR 2L Turbo weights MORE than the 4 door sport with the 3.6L V6 and only 50lbs less than the Sahara JLU. So if weight is the factor that Danatrac used to limit their kit to the v6 4...
  10. Moving from 4 door to 2 door?

    Did the OP go with the 2-Door 2-Seater choice??? Asking for a friend :)
  11. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Yes, thanks for posting. I understand that based on their super-starter basic kit they don't recommended it for anything other than a n/a 4-door. I get that they don't want to consider what could provide a proper lift needed to run and clear 37s. BUT my main question (to the forum) is why does...
  12. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    The Danatrac kit is a basic setup with springs and shocks. From my experience I knew I needed front lower control arms and trackbar. So I got those from teraflex and I also upgraded the rear with adjustable LCA and adj.rear trackbar. It runs straight as an arrow after the alignment. Last thing...
  13. Rzeppa joints and rear pinion angle

    Did you ever change your UPPER control arms. I also have a 2 door JLR and wanted to see if helped the drive and was it an easy modification. Im running a 2.5 lift with adjustable LCA front and back.
  14. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    With so many Jeep conversions out there for the 4 doors... I would love to know if anyone is doing an extended cargo conversion for the 2 door JL Wrangler. The extra overhang at the back I could manage with a proper lift & tires. If someone could photoshop this 4 door JXL to a 2 door. I really...
  15. First High Velocity Yellow JL @ Dealer Pictures

    Some Colors look better on the 2 doors... Just Like 2 doors sports cars look best in all those fun colors but the longer 4 doors SUVs look better in All those Shades of Grey and B&W colors :) IMHO
  16. Do you NEED to lift a 2 door?

    Good Question. I also wanted to also see how a stock JLR would perform in the 4x4 MECCA of MOAB!!! So one month after I bought my 2 door Rubicon I planned a trip to the MOAB testing fields. The only mod I added to the stock JLR was my old JKU 35" tires and a winch just in case... I wanted to...
  17. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Two JLRs, a rare sight indeed... the limited of the limiteds ✌️