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  1. Casual Friday

    Nathan: "...December D status..." Roky you have the same view Nathan does of it. Nathan if you're between Kdale and Ft Fisher you're welcome to enjoy topless in Pink Jeep just PM and we will arrange a pickup.
  2. Casual Friday

    Did carpool on Interstate no doors, only concern was we had to turn the tunes to 30...I guess you could add tube doors...
  3. North Carolina Roll Call

    Can catch the ferry to cape lookout, and the annual pass is cheap: "Cape Lookout National Seashore allows vehicles to drive off-road, it is not an "off-road park." Driving is allowed as a means of transportation only... Unlike other area beaches, Cape Lookout does not have any paved or...
  4. Casual Friday

    sorry, thats a Grimm outlook, here's one for you from the beach
  5. North Carolina Roll Call

    3 weeks ago Wolfs to Poser Rock to Sawmill only issue with stock JLU Sahara 4xe on 33's was the speed bumps on Sawmill were 1/2" too tall for the skid plates...Thanks to Jazzicon and chevymitchell we now sit rubi XR height -1/2" for battery in rear and will be comfortable on them. There was a...
  6. Casual Friday

    In case anyone hasn’t heard tmw is topless day. So my daughter asks, can we take the doors off today? Well it’s supposed to be 96 degrees in the shade today so why not. If you haven’t gotten enough waves this week, try it. We racked up waves from civic, Altima, Camry, kids in minivans…and the...
  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    Topless Day: hope to see lots of topless jeeps We Plan on heading to Ft. Fisher this Saturday, 5/21, around noon, and setting up in front of the first cut off after the entrance/Zeke’s Island Reserve. Gonna be 83° and sunny! Top will be off to celebrate National Go Topless day! Although our...
  8. Exploring North Carolina

    Top down as the storms rolled in today. Drove right under full double rainbow
  9. Did you name (brand, custom plate,...) your jeep before or after it arrived?

    Pink Mermaid Princess 4XE...MerPinXEss, tag PINX, sea turtle Previously: Charger R/T pretty Beast and Charger ScatPack Queen BEEst
  10. Audio Upgrade

    How about some Boss wake tower speakers on the rear rollbar and pyle hydra 2 channel... $200 to regain topless midrange and turning to 25 will deafen you...attached kicker speaker wire to rca adaptor in soundbar and ran to amp hidden in sub enclosure.
  11. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    Your update made this bump ot the top of the que, after the first 4 pages I went TL:DR and skipped to your most recent update, thanks for summarizing...Here is my 2 cents, which may have been stated in there somewhere. With used car values as high as they are before you swap out tires and lift...
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    All my stuff is grounded to the grounding stud on the fender
  13. Installed New Revesol Steering Wheel - Before & After

    Here is an awesome step by step for bezel replacement, but everything related to steringwheel is the same process.
  14. Confirmation on wheel specs before ordering

    Sorry I missed the multiple offsets we’re only on the 17x8. Tire rack has some ultras that are similar that have the right offset, looks like they’re also 5lbs lighter per wheel, but cannot speak to their quality
  15. Confirmation on wheel specs before ordering

    Thanks to Chocolate Thunder who posted this: You can visualize the suspension effect of wider tires. looks like rockstar 2 is available 35, 10 or -12 offset, JLUS is 44 offset, so to account for tires ~50mm wider you will need a reduction at least...
  16. Changed the steering wheel bezel from shiny to black, but didn't use paint.

    The whole wire loom would have to be unwrapped. From sbrimer's awesome photos you can see the 2 wires that come out of the main group and plug to the back buttons. Also once you get them to the other side you may still need to redo the plugs because they may be upside down.
  17. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    Not sure what you’re looking for ‘from the top’ but here are 2 more photos that are more above, and also another through the rear view to see where it sits in relation to 3rd brakelight.
  18. Interior lighting compatible with softtop

    Considering an led light strip on the rear roll bar or a set of rock lights mounted inside(love the exterior ones so much). It seems like there should be lights mounted to the inside corners of the rollbars, not just in the middle. What about cargo light? The small one over the rear seat creates...
  19. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    Everyone gets a wave, even the envious lady in the minivan next to me(been there), but more of this kinda wave. Also this wave goes out to all the people with their tops on at 80 degrees.
  20. Incredible feat 4xe charging on beach driving

    Only ran the other modes for short periods, as after confirming the dynamics of rapid charge, we were trying to determine if it was only in this state. But yes, switching to no max or 4hauto exibited more of a normal hybrid state where the ice showed 25-40k, and the battery mostly +/- 0k.