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    They care about you - the collective "you" that forms the body of their customer base. Individually - they don't understand you or have any idea how to relate to your issues.
  2. Any Northern Virginia/Washington DC jeep friends -looking for advice

    Second the Metro reccomendation - stay in VA, park at the nearest Metro, use cabs/uber around DC - it's a long way from the mall to the zoo. You can spend days on the mall alone, exploring museums & monuments.
  3. Negativity

  4. Lifts

    Sssh - the wife might hear you. They stay in fresh water & we don't know what brackish means! ;)
  5. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    :CWL: (sorry - couldn't resist ...)
  6. Choose my wheels for me

    35's are a little small on 20's ... These XD831's are 4.56 backspacing on my sport width axles ... 2-1/2" icon lift.
  7. Are us middle class Jeepers going to be (fuel) forcefully priced out of enjoying our Jeeps? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Don't worry - you'll be too hungry to care about the price of fuel before they're done.
  8. Console diagram incorrect?

    PM inbound
  9. Console diagram incorrect?

    Wow - that is not what i wanted to hear, but delivered in the best possible manner! That ebay link is over & above the call - how do I get you nominated for an award around here!? Thank you again, sir ...
  10. Console diagram incorrect?

    Benny! Thank you for the reply, sir! The part I need is, of course, the one that requires some special attention. The latch you linked to, I already ordered & have in-hand. The one I need is just a little different, from what i can tell. There's definitely 2 lids on my console, not so much...
  11. Console diagram incorrect?

    I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I've gotta ask for a little help: A broken console latch appears to be a rite of passage around here, and there is much discussion of service bulletins & super-glue fixes. My latch broke to where I don't think super-glue will do the trick & I...
  12. JL Wrangler Steering question

    ^ 3%, typically
  13. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    Couldn'ta slapped a sticker over this one & doubled the price!?
  14. Threedom - We would really ❤️ to hear from you!

    Maybe I shouldn't have taken that fob-o'clock break before starting, but I think the swap went easily enough. Roll pin was easy - chip took patience - final product is very nice! Will be on the lookout for the weatherproof sport key release - just what i need for paddleboarding.
  15. What could go wrong at an oil change? You could get sued!

    Sounds like Saul Goodman has taken up practice in Detroit.
  16. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello Latt - new Jeeper & FL resident here, too. I picked up the "trails offroad" app & discovered several trails scattered around the state. Might be a little less challenging than a trip to Moab, but no overland camper required.
  17. Riding a trail in Northeast TN and came across this...

    Tennessee believes in natural selection- ain't nobody got time for guard rails!