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  1. Reverse Winching

    I got stuck yesterday in snow. I made a series of bad choices in trying to extract myself. I needed to go backwards but my winch was up front. Who has used the reverse winch tequnique? How much line do you suggest I carry? Will soft shackles perform as well as pulleys with winch rope.
  2. Help, my Jeep shrunk 😪

    I had a mopar lift installed on my 4xe Rubicon before delivery. Out on the trail with sway disconnected I heard some loud noises while really flexing it. I wasn't sure if this was normal, so I hopped on here to do some research. It didn't seem like normal sounds and I came across discussions...
  3. Can you regear the 4XE, has anyone?

    I'm considering swapping gears to 456 or 488 on my 4xE with 37's. While wheeling in deep snow I realized I would like to have more power and move slower. I'm just curious if anyone has done this and if so how it turned out.
  4. Powder Coat Match for 4XE Electric Blue

    I am ordering some items from American Adventure Labs and I want to have them custom powder coated to match the blue accents on my Jeep. Has anyone identified the closest Prismatic Powders color. Playboy Blue is too dark. I see several options that people have ordered similar to Chief Blue...