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  1. DIY Oil Change on 4xe

    My god, this forum is going to make mechanic out of me. Im doing spacer lifts, LCAs, now ideas to do oil changes, whats next? lol
  2. WTS: BFGoodrich KO2 (35s) (Barrie On. area)

  3. Best coating for sliders, bumpers, tire carrier ect.

    Got my bumper delivered the other day. Got quoted $1200 - $1700 Canadian for powder coat. Was left speechless. In my head i thought $300 - $400 bucks. Going to get few more quotes.
  4. Toronto area off road trails

    Think ill take the advice and join. Don't know any trails or have been on. Yet every time I'm in my jeep im itching to go for some.
  5. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    how is the ride in comparison? looks great btw. the lift compliments your wide 37s now.
  6. WTS: BFGoodrich KO2 (35s) (Barrie On. area)

    Hey everyone. I have two brand new, never mounted tires for sale. LT 315/70R 17. Rated C I was planning to go 35s route. Decided to go for 37s instead. Prefer local, don’t want to ship. Can meet as well. Pm me a reasonable offer. these are the tires for reference...
  7. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    Just reread everything. I could go with 2.5 Mc kit without shocks and driveshaft. Use my oem driveshaft and buy Bilstein 5100 shocks. If need be can always upgrade driveshaft shocks and control arms down the road.
  8. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    Looks great. Love the color. It pops so much.
  9. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    Everything is pretty simple aside from suspension. that’s a rocket science to me right now that part I still have to learn. I saw you mention this stuff in another thread. Of course when I read it and tried to understand it… good luck. I’ll probably go back to your original post and read it...
  10. Are you in the east end of the GTA?

    Count me in on weekends. Im in Barrie/Innisfil but down for a drive to Aurora. Least its not Whitby :P
  11. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    Yeah no kidding, im finding all these out first hand. Have my Jeep for three weeks. Jaw dropping prices. The worse part is, me liking the look of 37s so damn much. As much as I would want to make the jump to 37s right away, the suspension kit, steps/rocksliders, tire carrier not to mention the...
  12. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    Time to save up. About $3800 with the drive shaft.
  13. Vibration (sort of) driving over 60mph

    I didn;t know. Read few threads on psi. I dropped it now to 35. Feels a little better on the road. Problem is still there tho. Under 60mph and everything is fine. Around 64mph I feel it the most. I also tried going 75mph, Jeep felt great, no odd "thrump" Thanks, if it is common then somehow...
  14. Going to pick up my Jeep tomorrow. Any tips?

    Congratz!! I picked mine up two weeks ago. Also had to drive over 2 hours to get it. One of the happiest two hour drives. Damn, mine too were at 42 and still are. Ill give 35 psi a try
  15. Vibration (sort of) driving over 60mph

    I hope so, noticed it from day on. Currently 1000km on the car. I def noticed gliding on water (feeling) in a heavy rain with the tires.
  16. Vibration (sort of) driving over 60mph

    Hi, Have my 4xe Rubicon for a few weeks now. I've noticed some sort of vibration when I reach speeds over 55+. Ive tried 4H auto as well as 2H. Tried both in Engine only and battery only mode, its still there. It feels like I'm driving on very light rumble strips. Thats the best way to explain...
  17. Mopar Lift for the Rubicon 4Xe

    Just when I thought I was sure to be out of 37s game he brings me back in with these pics. Dammit. I was going to send the payment for 35s and the wheels tomorrow morning.