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  1. Recovery board mount?

    Are there any options that mount recovery boards between the rear tire and passenger tail light? I have the stock (not upgraded) tire carrier and am not Interested in something that ratchet to the rear tire.
  2. Foreign Front license holder

    I’m interested in a foreign front license holder for the factory plastic bumper. They look to be the same height as the US domestic ones, just wider. Can you verify that? If so, can you get that part? looks to be listed here as part #10...
  3. Tire pressure for super rocky terrain

    Searched, but didn't find anything. Making a trip to Death Valley next week. Lots of warnings to carry multiple spares (as there's a lot of sidewall damage)... which isn't possible for me. Now, we've got our share of rocks in Colorado, but Death Valley seems to be a level up. Normally when I'm...
  4. Colorado WTB Rear Plastic bumper with sensor holes

    Please let me know if you have one.
  5. Transfer case popping out of gear - finally acknowledged!

    I’ve had a reoccurring issue of my transfer case popping out of gear. Not the pop out that’s common when it’s first put into gear and not completely seated. I’m talking about a pop out after the TC has been under load for minutes. Happened again last week. So, when the jeep was in the dealer...
  6. Planing a Utah / Death Valley trip third week of March 2022… Suggestions?

    I’ve done a lot of research and I think I’ve got a good handle on the common popular spots. Any hidden gems you recommend? If anyone is in the area, I’d be up for taking some trails together. Thanks!
  7. EU front license holder

    Ok, here’s an odd one. Do any of the Non-US models have a front license holder that is wider than the US version? Im working on a hidden winch build and that would be just the ticket for hiding a fairlead behind.
  8. Colorado Sold: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022 Rhino Rack VORTEX SG Roof Rack

    Roof Rack for your 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler. Fits any hard top. I bought this used and never had a chance to install it. It’s in perfect condition, probably I distinguishable from brand new. Includes all parts and printed manual. Installs by griping into the roof rain gutters. No drilling into...
  9. Colorado Sold: Tipsy Products Hard top Hoist Brackets I bought this a while back, but never installed it. It seems they’ve started putting more branding on things now, but the one I have is just solid black and a lot cleaner looking. $35...
  10. Colorado WTT: My white Rubicon hood for your white non-Rubcon hood plus cash

    I prefer the simpler hood and would like to trade someone. Mine is a factory 2020 Brilliant White Rubicon hood that is in near perfect condition. The hood I’m looking to swap with must be: in Denver or willing to meet in Denver. Sorry if your in the east coast, but I’m not going to drive to IL...

    I bought this to move my satellite so the UrsaMinor top wouldn’t block the signal… but had UM do it instead. In unopened original package. Originally $55 +shipping, will sell for $40 shipped to anywhere USPS will send one of their flat rate boxes...
  12. TPMS Warning, make sense of this?

    Are the thresholds tire dependent?
  13. How much do your stock 392 wheels weigh?

    Does anyone know? This info doesn't seem to be out yet. Wanna be the first to weigh the stock wheels?
  14. Plastic rear glass hinge cover?

    Part number and price? Please say free, please say free 🤞
  15. Black Friday sale?

    Are you guys having one?
  16. Rear Quarter Panel step

    I'm looking for something that would sit just above the rear flares and act as a safe place to step. Normally I just step on the top of the tire, but that can be pretty dangerous when it's wet. It's also hard to step directly on the tire if you're coming down from the top of a rooftop tent...
  17. Stock alternator specs...

    Does anyone know the output of the stock and oem upgrade alternators? Mostly concerned about the upgraded oem alternator. I know it's 240 amp, but I don't know what the idle production is. Thanks!
  18. Colorado Hardtop Dolly

    Made with plans from here. Dolly is free, if you want the wheels, that’s $30. It’s really big, obviously no shipping.
  19. Colorado Rhino-RackVortex SG Roof Rack Bars

    Unused. Can be found here: Originally about $300 with tax, asking $225. Local pickup only, no shipping, Venmo preferred.
  20. Oregon Sold: Hardtop: 4 door black textured $1,400

    Looking to sell my black textured 4 door hard top. It’s in good condition, no serious flaws. Asking $1400 as the transaction needs to happen this Thursday or Friday in Sherwood.