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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I am also thinking about going the Line-X route. It's not just the bubbles in the paint. My paint is so soft if you look at it too long it will fall off. 🤣. Also thinking about getting a wrap but eitherway still need to figure out how to get the corrosion to stop. Hopefully my dealer will have...
  2. “Definitely not as capable as a solid axle Jeep Wrangler”

    The new Bronco's are just ok, nothing really stands out that makes me want one. To me, the most disappointing thing about the new Bronco is under the hood. It literally looks like they just threw some junk in there and didn't bother to cover or organize anything.
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    That's crazy, when I took mine in mine in they had to take photo's of each bubble with a ruler measuring the size, then they went back around again and placed some tape and took more photos. After that, I then went over to the body shop for them to look at it to do the estimate. They took the...
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I don't know for sure but I assume some dealerships don't want to be bothered with warranty work. Could be its a hassle for a dealership to submit the claims to get reimbursed. Also, if a dealership has already had to deal with the issue and their body shop sucks, that Jeep is just going to...
  5. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    The biggest issue is its so inconsistent from dealership to dealership. Opening a case doesn't seem to do anything because the only result I've gotten out of that is they always side with the dealership. At first they are like, we are hear to help and we will get this resolved!! Only to...
  6. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I really think it just comes down to finding a dealership that will go to bat for you. I attempted to get the steering box replaced at Gettel Chrysler in SW Florida and their response was kinda baffling. Said they would have to do the work and submit the claim and if they denied it then I would...
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Mopar has approved the warranty work. The service rep made it sound like they were ordering a new hood and hinges. When the parts come in they will call the schedule the work.
  8. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Went by the dealer today to take the photo's and information to submit for warrenty. Sounded like it would be covered but I waited over a year before going to see if more appeeared which they did.
  9. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Its difficult to believe its the PCM causing the issue but the dealership is going to point out the first thing it finds. The unlocked PCM is going to throw a code regardless if its stock or tuned. In this case you might be better off finding an off-road shop that deals primarily with Jeeps...
  10. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Tough situation to be in. Did you flash the PCM back to stock before taking to the dealer?
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Couple of photos of what I am seeing on my jeep. What you cant see is that the paint is also fading around the door hinges in areas and also around the window area. I have never had any paint work done so wondering if they fixed it at the dealership before I purchased it.
  12. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Taking my 19 JLUR to the dealership soon. Paint has faded to a different color on the hood. Both the hood and the doors have bubbles and the doors have some paint fade as well.
  13. Any have issues with denied claims under Mopar Extended Protection Plans?

    I would highly recommend not getting any type of extended warranties or any additional coverages the stealerships offer you.
  14. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    Thanks, I ended up going with Rusty's skid plates and didn't need to do trim anything.
  15. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I am trying to get this TSB done but the dealership is saying Mopar might not cover it because I have a 3.5 in lift.
  16. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Well it looks like I will need to see about getting my gearbox replaced with the steel version. Notice a noise when turning, checked and the gearbox is flexing pretty bad. You can't really see if from underneath but from above you see a good bit of movement. I check it some time back and it...
  17. any1 run Rusty's rear bumper?

    I have one on order but looks like its going to be weeks before it ships. 😞
  18. Towing Your Jeep Behind RV

    I run Maximus-3 tow loops with the warn winch plate. I am sure you can contact Maximus and they can tell you for sure if the loops will work with their own plate.
  19. Rusty’s Skidplate?

    They don't powder coat them anymore. I ordered the engine skid a while back and it came coated. Ordered the rest of the skids about a month ago and those where not coated. Didn't realize it so went back to their site and it states no coating now.