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  1. Interesting PHEV Behavior Post-FORM/CCOH Repair

    This happened to me twice... both times before the updates/RRTs. Once on the stock Sahara wheels and tires, and again on the 392 take offs. Both times within a week or two of each other. Both times I was driving at sustained higher speeds (70-75 mph), the ICE was not on, and I lost power...
  2. Ordered a 4Xe …. was that smart?

    I did some non scientific testing over the course of a couple road trips from FL to Maryland. The difference in MPG from 70-80 is significant. Keeping it under 75 I ended up ~24mpg over the entire drive up.
  3. Ordered a 4Xe …. was that smart?

    10k miles. No issues until this past week. Jeep was dead two mornings in a row and had to be started with a jump pack. Everything seems fine though and I'm pretty sure my phone and the wireless Car Play adapter are to blame. Trying to confirm that now. Even this is just a minor...
  4. Why get a 4XE?

    I averaged more than that driving from Florida to Maryland and I was keeping it at 70+ mph. The gearing in the Sahara vs the Rubicon has a decent impact on that mpg as well. I was at ~24 mpg for the whole drive.
  5. Just installed 35’s on Sahara 4xe w no lift

    The Sahara (and HA) 4xe come with 3.73, but the Rubicon 4xe does come with 4.1. I put 392 Rubicon take-offs on my Sahara 4xe and haven't noticed any loss of power or see my mpg tank.
  6. Any regrets on buying the 4xE?

    Traded in a 2019 Mustang GT Premium for my 4xe and have zero regrets after 9k+ miles.
  7. Show me your favorite 4xe mods...
  8. Rubicon XR Wheels on 4xe

    I picked up 392 take offs and sold my 4xe wheels & tires for $1,000. Posted on FB and had them sold within an afternoon.
  9. CarPlay Issue

    I noticed my spotify screen will freeze once in a while, but if I swap to another app and back it's fine and doesn't happen again for a couple of weeks. Nothing that I can recreate though.
  10. CarPlay Issue

    I was having the same issue and bought these. I don't know why it worked, but it works and it's been great.
  11. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    20% of the people responding... but that doesn't mean 20% of 4xe owners. You spend any time on forms for any vehicle and it's going to seem like that model has nothing but issues. Mustangs and EVO/Ralliarts were the same way. You always have a higher percentage of owners with issues...
  12. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    Yeah, I think the colder temp is throwing a lot of people for a loop, and misinformation is all over the place. People assume the FORM mode is just refreshing the fuel and should shut off after 30 minutes, but in some cases, it's also looking to get the oil temp up to a certain temperature and...
  13. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    I found Rubi 392 takeoffs for $1800 and sold my Sahara takeoffs for $1000.
  14. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    That's not what it says... it's 30% have had "some sort of problem", not a "serious" problem. 13.2% of those remain as single unresolved, 5.7% multiple issues unresolved. I'm one of the "single issue, resolved" groups that add up to your 30% and my issue was the ball joints needing to be...
  15. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    The one piece of advice I will give is to consider your reasons for wanting the 4xe and the reasons for the person giving you the advice. As a pure PHEV, an approach based on electric range, savings on charging vs gas etc., and a direct comparison to other PHEVs, the 4xe might seem an odd...
  16. 3.6 trade to 4xe

    70% have had no issues, and some of the issues mentioned are normal Wrangler issues that have nothing to do with the 4xe specifically. Considering people with issues flock to forums for answers and are usually represented in higher numbers than usual, the results there aren't bad at all.
  17. Sahara 4xe snow performance

    I'm ready for the snow. Got Rubi take offs with the KO's as well. I keep checking the weather but, it doesn't look promising.
  18. Would Sahara wheels improve the street driveability of my Rubicon?

    The gearing on the Sahara is the biggest advantage in terms of MPG, not the stock wheels. I went from the stock Sahara wheels & tires to stock 392 Rubi takeoffs and haven't noticed a significant change in mpg. That includes road trip from FL to MD (once on each set).
  19. Death wobble wrangler 4Xe 12,500 miles

    This. I took mine in to have the ball joints tightened because I could hear them clicking on slow turns. This was well before the RRT came out. They claimed they inspected them, found nothing wrong and that I needed the hubs replaced, but 4xe hubs weren't available for them to order yet...
  20. Worst things to say about a Jeep?

    This happened to me, but not on the highway. I was going back to college after 5 years in the Marines. Most of my classes were at night and the shortest way home was through a small town near me. I pulled up to a stop sign one evening, see a cop sitting in the tree-line in the bank parking...