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  1. Axle questions from an inexperienced Jeep owner

    I believe you have the Dana M220 in the rear (44) and the M186 in the front (30).
  2. 2 Door Love

    4 doors for more whores?
  3. California KMC Machete Crawl Beadlocks 17x9 5x5 Satin Black/Black Ring Like New

    From what I can tell shipping would be $200-$250 for 4 50lb packages from 92662 to 98258 through UPS.
  4. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    I am perfectly ok with owning a "unicorn" color. I see so many black, silver, white Wranglers in my area is ridiculous.
  5. California KMC Machete Crawl Beadlocks 17x9 5x5 Satin Black/Black Ring Like New

    Great price. Any idea on shipping to 98285? And what is the backspacing? From what I can find online I think 3.5?
  6. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    It would be interesting to know how many have been ordered so far. It seems like us Gecko owners will be few and far between.
  7. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    He just said it was showing a build date in mid August and to anticipate an early to mid September delivery. He didn't state D1, but everytime I've asked since May he has told me that I was still only in D so I'm happy for the progression finally.
  8. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Can you do something similar and unique but make it "Gecko edition" with a gecko silhouette of some sort?
  9. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    My dealer told me today that my Gecko Sport Unlimited is showing a build date of mid August finally.
  10. So...should I get a JK (JL simply not being delivered in Canada)?

    I'm in the US, I ordered my JLUS in May. Still waiting. My dealer said he is finally seeing a build date for it in mid August.
  11. How bad is it to torque your lug nuts past 160ft-lbs?

    Anything stripped? Likely no issues, there's always the potential that the hardware is stressed but I would bet you won't have any issues down the road.
  12. Just a quick vent. I need to vent.

    People still buy Mitsubishis...?
  13. Car(makers) trends you hate the most

    Hey, just get out of the way. You could always apply to be a cop if you're so concerned with how others drive.
  14. Dealer license plate frames

    Its the law in Washington state. I haven't run one in two years now.
  15. Dealer license plate frames

    Who runs a front plate...?
  16. Is a KC 45” double light bar practical on a JL?

    But will you be doing a lot of NIGHT time offroading 😉
  17. 37s on Sport S (Dana 30 Axles) & Beach Driving

    From what I've read so far the new M186 axles are significantly stronger than the old D30 axle. Might as well test it's limits. Haven't seen much in the way of people bending them yet.
  18. Is a KC 45” double light bar practical on a JL?

    I haven't seen the question asked yet, but do you do a lot of offroading when extra light is required? If the answer is yes, definitely get the best you can afford. If the answer is no, then its probably not a practical upgrade so just get something that looks good and satisfies you. Hey its...