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  1. "Performance Limited" Error code

    I actually don't think so. If Stellantis is telling you to ignore this message, which messages that the vehicle tells you are important? A driver relies upon the vehicle's diagnostics to be informed of conditions like this. Once one is dismissed, how can you trust others?
  2. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    According to the written terms, holes are required. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try as Stellantis may be making repairs as part of a good will campaign. As I stated, as long as they pick up the tab, it doesn't matter why.
  3. "Performance Limited" Error code

    So which statement should we believe, the one that says performance is limited or Stellantis' claim that it isn't?
  4. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    There was a long argument in another thread about it. It's unclear whether Jeep is doing it out of goodwill or under the 3/36, but the corrosion warranty specifically states there must be holes in the panel for the corrosion warranty to apply. It's all just semantics of course as long as Jeep...
  5. "Performance Limited" Error code

    Performance is impaired according to the warning message. Let's see a Stellantis rep testify that warning messages should be ignored by owners and/or do not apply.
  6. "Performance Limited" Error code

    That may be a lemon law case right there. "We know it's broken, we don't know how to fix it."
  7. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    I agree on the electrical systems but the paint bubbling issues kind of put the damper on exterior fit and finish.
  8. Dealers getting caught and fined. Anyone hear of this before?

    For the Model 3: Model 3 Maintenance Schedule In general: Tesla Maintenance Schedule
  9. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    That would be nice, but Jeep has shown again and again over decades and multiple owners that as long as their vehicles keep selling, QC will be one of their lowest priorities.
  10. Dealers getting caught and fined. Anyone hear of this before?

    Dealerships can transition to manufacturer service depot. Lose the sales side, but enough people will bring their vehicles in for service at $150+/hour (as they do now) to keep that side of the business afloat. Also, of note is that Porsche does not provide free maintenance; from time to time...
  11. Pull the trigger on a JL Wrangler or avoid them?

    I would disagree quite a bit here. Virtually every car on the market has an enthusiast forum of some type, even regular sedans like Hyundai Sonatas or Toyota Camrys. It is hard to find a board for another forum so filled with people getting buybacks as Jeep forums (not just the JL, this goes...
  12. Hardtop Creaking and Popping

    No, they can’t. My TJ’s hardtop creaked and groaned too.
  13. FCA refused to do my rubicon paint issue under warranty

    Before you spend lawyer money, is there another Jeep dealer nearby you can try?
  14. Gorilla glass???

    The problem is, how do you judge it? If your Gorilla Glass windshield breaks, of course a regular glass windshield would’ve broken under the same circumstances. However it is impossible to determine events where a regular windshield would’ve broken and the Gorilla Glass windshield did not; all...
  15. Gorilla glass???

    Yes, it will break but it is less likely to than regular glass. If that's important to you and you live somewhere where your windshield need to be replaced frequently, it can be important.
  16. "Performance Limited" Error code

    Sorry, I realized that, I was just trying to add levity.
  17. FCA refused to do my rubicon paint issue under warranty

    Again, please point to the post I made where I said Stellantis wasn’t the arbiter. Neither I nor anyone else ever said that. Yet you need to throw yet another personal attack out there for no good reason.
  18. FCA refused to do my rubicon paint issue under warranty

    Those can cause corrosion of a whole different kind. :CWL:
  19. FCA refused to do my rubicon paint issue under warranty

    You keep repeating this as if I or anyone else said anything different than this, as if it was a mantra. No one ever said anyone other than Stellantis had the right to make this decision. The key is if the paperwork says it was covered under the corrosion warranty, it would set a precedent...
  20. FCA refused to do my rubicon paint issue under warranty

    Unless you've got proof it was done under the corrosion warranty, that means those fixes done after three years were done as goodwill repairs by Stellantis. (Something that will in itself be listed on your paperwork, as manufacturers always make sure to let you know it's being fixed out of...