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  1. Multicolor halos

    Would you guys release an updated version of your surface mount halo to also have a switchback amber for the turn signal? I currently run one pair each for the headlight and the fog lights but think a amber turn light switchback will make this a better all rounder option.
  2. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Hello, I am considering this roof rack. Wil someone be able to do a quick measure of the additional height this roof rack adds on top of the Jeep. So the height from JL hardtop to the top of the cross bar. Thanks heaps!
  3. MOPAR Tailgate Reinforcement Bracket - Accessories?

    Thank you, Yes that's correct, i did the cutout on that corner., otherwise it was hitting the flag mount (?) thingy. And also had to cut a good chunk of top section of the GP factor mount otherwise you wouldn't be able to open your rear glass.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got Jscan working on Wrangler JL Uconnect 8.4. Now can use the trail mode function (lockers) with ease. Don’t need to fluff around with a phone. - You will need a Apple CarPlay to Android Dongle - which runs full blown android system via CarPlay and can install any other android app you...
  5. Overlanding battery

    This is my dual battery setup I have done recently. tried to use the space around the Jeep that otherwise have no meaningful use. - 210ah Lithium Lifepo4 Battery - Redarc BCDC 50ah charger for the lithium battery - Cole Hersee 200ah isolator for jump start and connecting both batteries on...
  6. Review - Livernois Mycalibrator Tune for Jeep JL 3.6L V6

    I have had the Livernois tune for about 5 months now and have done 4,000KM on this tune so far, and its time to give some updates: - E85....its a bomb...i have seen Livernois mentioned few time "Experience E85 side of things". and yes its a thing, i am not sure how to explain that feeling, but...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed my Dual Battery and 12V/240V setup, took 4 months of planning and getting individual items. - 210ah Lithium Battery - Redarc BCDC 50ah charger for the lithium battery - Cole Hersee 200ah isolator for jump start and connecting both batteries on demand (winching and air compressor) -...
  8. Speedflate air up/down system is legit!

    Hi TJ, I just send you a message, but though i put the question here too, I have a Wrangler JLUR here in down under and use a single ARB compressor for my tyre inflation system. Just saw your Speedflate system and its the perfect item i need for my upcoming project for 4 tyre...
  9. Old Man Emu BP-51

    No i ended up not getting the lift. few of the ARB shop would not fit the BP51 themselves, as the lift is over the "Legal Limit" of 55cm/2" hence they are not allowed to install without engineering certification. They will happily sell you the kit for self (or outside) installation though...
  10. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    I got 295/70 Falken MT on the stock rims, its about 1.91m without any lift. so not sure you will be able to keep it under 1.95m. speaking of rubbing...yes on a full lock it rubs (just a bit) not super annoying (yet).
  11. Antenna size and mounts

    The location for the unit could be hard to find, you have to remove the plastic cover under the steering wheel and then get on your elbow and will eventually find it, its the best hidden location and completely out of sight while being just in front of you at all time (for speaker...
  12. Livernois ECM Tune for Wrangler JL V6 3.6L (Australia)

    I have not had any dealer service visit since i swapped the ECM, saying that i been told that there's no issue with dealer doing any sort of flash to the unlocked ECM. My assumption, the ECM is responsible for lots of other functions then just the fuel and tune mapping. If dealers future flash...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hi Mate, i am planning to install the same Cable Gland for my Solar Panel (and light wires). Would you mind sharing few photos from inside the jeep to show how it looks? also did you use your drill bits for the cable or used hole saw for a larger intake? I have 3 pair of cables going through...
  14. Extra fuel

    Nothing significantly different with the side mount, it doesn't stick out much from the rear fender flares.
  15. Extra fuel

    Yes I did. First accessory I bought, after signing the order document for my JL in feb-19. Got it delivered 6 months before the JL finally showed up. this days I use this for potable water (as got the long range tank installed). You can mount shovel/maxtrax etc. not a big fan of roof rack...
  16. Extra fuel

    hahah, 54.2 gallons total
  17. Extra fuel

    Yes correct, I got the 3.6L. I believe the aux tank for the diesel is still under development and will be smaller in size (45L). your best bet for now will be the trailrax solution. They are very handy, love mine. Just checked the spec of trailrax again. It can carry 30L in each side for a...
  18. Extra fuel

    I got the long range tank (64L) as the auxiliary tank + Trailrax rotopax side mount for another 30L. if I really want then I can go as high as 175L (81+64+30).
  19. Baja Designs are Not JL Rubicon Install Friendly with their Harness

    Sure! as i mentioned earlier, i wanted high beam to come on with the factory high beam signal/stalk, that being the default option. With this scenario, i couldn't connect the LP9 Pro directly to the high beam cable as this will not provide enough amp for both factory headlight and the LP9 Pro's...
  20. Baja Designs are Not JL Rubicon Install Friendly with their Harness

    Thank you for the reply. got it sorted, needed 2 set of relay for my use case. cant wait to try it out with my next trip!