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  1. Theft Concerns Looking for advice.

    Oh, do shut up. Nobody is going out of their way to vacation in Connecticut. 🙄
  2. Catalytic converter stolen?

    Objection, asked and answered (do a forum search next time): Catalytic Converter Skid Plate Cover Catalytic Converter Theft Concerns
  3. Roll bar cover

    I went with the Koverz one and am very pleased.
  4. Going from Surf Blue to Orange themed 4xe - Updated with pics

    Some do, but I believe you can order extra letters from Mopar (I don't have the exact part #s). As far as the lettering (or badges as they are more commonly referred) they are just stuck on the outside frame with very strong adhesive. There's plenty of videos detailing how to remove them...
  5. Going from Surf Blue to Orange themed 4xe - Updated with pics

    Here's your black/orange trail rated badge. Have you considered popping the 'e' off of your tailgate, painting it orange, and slapping it into the 'e' shaped crevasse on the charge port? They also sell orange charge port trim pieces (it comes as two separate pieces, so you can play with just...
  6. Radio Reception Issues

    I'm aware of the issue with satellite radio, but I'm talking about regular AM/FM.
  7. Radio Reception Issues

    Ever since I've had my Jeep my only gripe has been with loss of radio reception anytime I drive under an overpass or enter a parking structure. This was never an issue in any previous vehicle I've owned. Is there anything that I can add/mod to combat this problem? I wasn't able to find any...
  8. Hard Top Repair Options

    I accidentally damaged a couple of panels on the rear of my hard top recently while backing into a parking space in a garage. I was wondering if the individual panels are replaceable and how difficult it is to swap them out? I've searched online and haven't been able to find the specific panels...
  9. Why get a 4XE?

    I would also add highly customizable and ability to go pretty much anywhere off-road if you find yourself in a jam.
  10. Undisclosed Bestop® HighRock 4x4™ Black Interior Cargo Rack

    I've seen these available for older model Jeeps, but I want to pick one up for my 4-door 2021 JL Wrangler Rubicon: Does anyone have experience with these and/or know of something similar that is compatible with my model Jeep? Some sites say it works with 2003 and up, others say they don't...
  11. Anybody remove the 4xe Rubicon Hood Decal?

    I had it done professionally by an auto body shop. They explained that they use steam to assist in the removal process.
  12. Mopar Roof Rack Install - It seemed so simple until ....

    One more question: how many locks are there? I would assume two (one each, on one side only)?
  13. Mopar Roof Rack Install - It seemed so simple until ....

    How easy/difficult is it to replace the plastic lock plugs with the metal lock cores?
  14. Mopar Roof Rack A Good Buy / Compatible with third party (Thule or Yakima) boxes/trays/holders??

    I'm buying these and a set of Yakima locks to add to them. I then intend to buy a Haul Master cargo carrier from Harbor Freight for around $100. Yes, there is a thread on here and a user will cut vinyl strips and send them to you for $40 — they are supposed to eliminate the noise.
  15. California Jeep/Gladiator Parking Light & Side Marker

    Had to replace my driver's side front wheel flare and these pieces were left over from the kit: Side Marker, Driver Side (Part #68302119AB, MSRP - $60) Parking Light w/ Bulbs, Driver Side (Part #55112885AF, MSRP - $144) Parts are brand new and never used. Should fit 2018-2021 Jeep JL Wrangler...
  16. Anyone know whats going on with Quadratec?

    I'm seeing a lot of complaints about getting issued credits that don't get honored. My suggestion would be to dispute the transaction with your credit card company. If enough people do this, then perhaps Quadratec will get the message. 🤷‍♂️

    I couldn't wait and bought mine 5 months ago. Wish I'd held out — great deal and highly recommend. 😭
  18. California Sold: For Sale: 2021 JL Spare Tire Carrier Bracket Assembly (Like New)

    Deleted my spare tire from the back of my 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe a couple of months after purchase. Selling the spare tire bracket assembly with rear camera mount (3rd brake light and rear camera NOT included), asking $100/OBO. Available for delivery/pick up in SoCal or able to ship.
  19. California Sold: For Sale: Premium Black Sunrider® Soft Top (New In Box)

    I bought the Dual-Top Group for my 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe and after careful consideration have decided that I do not wish to keep the soft top. It is still brand new as I never removed any of the components from their original boxes. Feel free to make me an offer. Available for pick...