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  1. 8 Speed Shifter 'Release' Button - anyone else driven insane by it?!

    [laughs in Firecracker Red] Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen it.
  2. Cavfab VS TeraFlex Tire Carriers

    I have the Teraflex (still to be installed) and I wouldn't call it light! I chose TF because I was worried about the CF rusting from the inside out where the powder coating can't reach. And I just thought the TF looked more OEM.
  3. Kill Switch (Advice Needed)

    How clean was the wiring install? I know each installer is different but I'm considering this for when I want to leave the doors off for the weekend or something. I'm probably more at risk for the cat converter being snatched though.
  4. BioDiesel dispensing 76 stations in CA

    That was probably their "biomass diesel". My Costco doesn't carry #2, only the "biomass" stuff.
  5. GMRS install - overhead with a Sky Power One Touch

    I just ordered this from Vector Offroad. I know it will put the GMRS behind my head but I don't think I'll be constantly fiddling with it to worry about. There is also this from AAL...
  6. Any regular B-20 users?

    I use it but not regularly. All depends where I fill. I have no reservations using it though and actually prefer it in my Duramax. Biodiesel has better lubricating properties than #2. Biodiesel is a good solvent which is why I suspect the more frequent filter change intervals. It will clean out...
  7. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Went to get pickled eggs and a cold beer at Joe Jost’s after the Long Beach Grand Prix. Found a JT to park next to.
  8. DRL tie-in options

    UPS ain't cheap these days and pricing for packaging supplies is skyrocketing as well. I ship stuff everyday for my company and have had to raise prices just to cover cardboard packaging alone. If you like the product, I'd say suck it up and eat the cost. I did. I ordered these along with...
  9. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    You would be fine with the Quadratec wheels. I'm running Borah wheels with my Clayton kit and have zero issues. The Borahs have even more backspace than the Qtec wheels keeping the tires tucked even more. The lift kit doesn't change anything clearance wise over stock. It's not like it's...
  10. Map Updates on special for $99?!?

    Wife and a Thomas Guide work for me. I'm stuck with the default voice however.
  11. Should I swap my TPS sensors or just get new?

    I went the easy way and just purchased new ones along with my wheel and tire package from Quadratec. Sold the takeoffs complete. Time is money.
  12. Sway link help

    I was able to tighten mine last time without having to use the 6mm. I need to get back under there and loctite it. I'll probably add a lock washer as well.
  13. Winch Hooked Up To Battery Or Solenoid?

    Well it's really just an industrial solenoid but us old car guys are most familiar with Fords having the solenoid off the starter where as Chevys had it integral to the starter. I made my own bracket too but mine just ended up being a flat plate with no angle to it. I have the diesel so the...
  14. Sway link help

    I have the same kit and mine has come loose as well. Twice.
  15. Winch Hooked Up To Battery Or Solenoid?

    I used a solenoid wired to a factory aux switch. If you want to save money and not buy the Warn kit, you can buy a cheap ford starter solenoid for like 20 bucks or so.
  16. DEF IND Recall, Y81

    The last sentence tells me that the DEF may not be injecting enough fluid to reduce NOX. I wouldn't be surprised if usage goes up after the reflash. I don't see how this would affect fuel mileage though as DEF is injected into the exhaust and not the engine. If you are going into regen a lot...
  17. Camp Coffee Set Up

    Same here. I use one of the plastic Hario V60 filter baskets and filters. Pregrind my beans the night before heading out. Boil water, pour over into my camping mug, enjoy! Throw away the filter and grounds, a little rinse of the filter basket and done. I do have an Aeropress but even that is a...
  18. Custom rear deck system

    Mad skillz bro! Plan on making any more?
  19. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    After a trip to Salton Sea!