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  1. Best ball joints out there

    They do make them--though I think they just came out with them, but lead time is unknown AND the price is crazy $2000 (link below). I paid $447.10 to the door for my DS rears and though the RCV may be stronger (no specs that I see), the weak link is still the spline area which cannot be...
  2. Shop to do Dana Spicer Advantek Gears? Colorado - Denver

    This is the stuff that makes the Jeep community so amazing. @grimmjeeper + @chevymitchell
  3. Abandoned JL

    FAD appears to have failed.
  4. Shop to do Dana Spicer Advantek Gears? Colorado - Denver

    Indeed--love the "jungle" ;)
  5. Shop to do Dana Spicer Advantek Gears? Colorado - Denver

    And there I was thinking I might have a trail buddy in the near future!!
  6. Shop to do Dana Spicer Advantek Gears? Colorado - Denver

    I have no direct experience with them, but here is the contact info: Email: [email protected] Hours: 8AM – 5PM Mon – Fri Address: 2611 W. 64th Ave # A Denver, CO. 80221 Phone: (303)286-0338 (800)893-0338
  7. Shop to do Dana Spicer Advantek Gears? Colorado - Denver

    Dana Spicer makes the best gears for their own axles and they would never whine unless installed incorrectly, which from the description, both those shops do not know how to install them. I looked around for a shop some time ago and Colorado Axle and Gear had some pretty good reviews. In the...
  8. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    When the additive in an oil (any engine oil) goes down to a low level--typically a TBN (total base number) of less than 2.0, it can no longer effectively neutralize the acids that are created during combustion. This is exasperated in the 2.0T by the fuel dilution that occurs. When that happens...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    A few reasons: 1. The shop in Kemah, TX tore my boots when they installed them and I have to pull them to replace the boots anyway. 2. I am not a fan of the amount of grease that is slung everywhere. 3. I initially installed a set of Dana Spicer CrMo axles, but there was binding with them and...
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Upcoming (within the next two weeks): 1. Remove front RCV axle shafts and re-install stock. May go with back with Dana Spicer CrMo shafts in the future. (RCVs will be posted for sale when available). 2. Install RCV axle housing seals 3. Replace front bearing hubs with new Mopar hubs...
  11. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    Neither of the gasoline engines in the Wrangler should be blindly ran for 10K OCIs (discussing the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder here--not the 392, though I would not run a 10K OCI in it either). The 2.0T is turbocharged and is a direct injection engine which is harder on oil due to the turbocharger...
  12. CB antenna mount on CavFab tire carrier

    Still loving that red CavFab tag on yours and mine 😁
  13. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Had a Texas "ROOT66" vanity plate, and did not go quite full vanity for Colorado, but is cool nonetheless:
  14. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    I will only say that I think you will regret not going with 4.88 gears. I have a 3.6L/8 speed and with 35's/4.88, it was absolutely perfect with plenty of pep. You will never see anyone post that they have over-geared, only that they wish they had geared lower. Good luck with the build--it's...
  15. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    It sounds like the standard machine so how does it make the temperature controlled systems operate?
  16. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    This is an issue for sure (stiction) and IMHO is what causes the lower part of the filter housing to begin cracking over time. I lubricate mine with motor oil quite liberally, but I had not thought about using grease. I will try it on my next oil change.
  17. New Challenge - Part #s for XR fender trim extensions

    Not sure if anyone has posted any instructions. From the photos that have been posted, it appears the extensions are too long for the Sport and will have to be trimmed. Additional holes have to be drilled even on the Rubicon so I would expect to have to do that as well. EDIT - @laurankoby -...
  18. I thought the stock Wrangler windshield was supposed to be about as fragile as an egg!

    And now that you have said it... You are in the very small minority of Jeep owners who have had multiple rock hits with no cracks--count yourself lucky to say the least. Every rock that has hit mine has caused a crack with some of them spreading within minutes so there was no chance to catch...
  19. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    Not sure how that is working given nearly all transmissions these days have to be between a certain range of temperature for all of the ports to open and many take very specialized fluids, but yeah, dealers are not always on top of technology. Reference the 6QT versus 5QT oil changes that...
  20. Aluminum vs Steel Skid Plates

    I have the full MetalCloak skid system and the drain hole is about 3" in diameter. No issues changing the oil on my 3.6L.