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  1. Best Place To Buy Set Of 5 TPMS?

    I got my set of five from The main reason I chose them is because they are local to me.
  2. Bottle opener?

    You'll have to unlock the door, but it will open while the vehicle is in motion, you don't have to stop completely. Speaking of opening the doors while in motion, using the doors as air-brakes helps decrease wear on the brake pads. ;) But seriously, and back on topic...I carry a Utili-key...
  3. Scratched it bad, thoughts?

    I know, right? Like the hardtop is made with crushed diamonds or what, LOL. When I made my first scratch on my roll bars with the hardtop, I was like...huh, didn't rub against it THAT hard (that's what SHE said).
  4. Keep Recon bumper or go aftermarket?

    Nope. Yes. The OEM equipment, in general, seems to be great quality and lightweight compared to aftermarket choices. The front bumper is less than 80 pounds, and it's hard to find aftermarket wheels that are lighter than the factory wheels.
  5. Fog light replacement

    These JK fog light adapters (JK & JL use the same plug) allow you to connect and easily disconnect any Deutsch 2-pin adapter to the factory H16 wiring harness to operate aftermarket LED fog lights. It's a bit more flexible if/when you change your mind about where and what will go on your...
  6. What is this wire?

    Yes, sometimes it's a nice hidden benefit. All the last gen Xterra's were wired for fog lamps, but not all of them actually got fog lamps. My Xterra was pretty basic, so it didn't get fog lamps on it, but when I read on a forum that the truck was already wired for them, it was pretty...
  7. Tire size

    Yes. If you check most tire manufacturer's websites, they will usually publish suggested wheels sizes. For example, Rubicon tire info, like suggested wheel sizes to use, can be found here:
  8. The 12 inch screen aftermarket upgrade.

    Nah, I'll wait for the 20" touchscreen tablet integration for that really comfy driver immersion. I really don't like talking to my passengers, and honestly, can't be bothered to look out the windows when I drive. Someone in another Wrangler might wave at me, and I hate being pressured or...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    The rear handles on my Freedom Panels often work themselves into the unlocked position. It's not like the handles are loose, I can see them pull the Freedom Panels down snugly when they're locked in position. I put O-rings on the bolts to add a bit of resistance and dampen vibration.
  10. How to properly align doors to their hinges when putting back on?

    Do you have "Wrangler JL stainless steel hinge guides", yet? I've wondered why the top pin is longer. My natural tendency was to align the bottom, then the top, which of course doesn't work, so I unlearned that quick.
  11. 2.0l turbo question

    I suspect the eTorque part of the mild-hybrid system is what really makes the 2.0 turbo feel so good. The Wrangler doesn't need a smaller sequential turbo, because at low RPM, there's an electric motor twisting the driveshaft with a belt. Now, you can get the 2.0L engine without eTorque, and...
  12. New Jeep Wrangler Willy owner color delemma.

    Sting Gray unequivocally is the best color on a Wrangler. It's like asking what's your favorite flavor of ice-cream...while it may not be admitted out loud, but everyone knows...Rocky Road is the best. But back on topic, let me get some quick statistics... if you visit the Show & Tell: JL...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    When I put in the Trail Rail Management System in the rear cargo area, I parted out the removed OEM pieces to see if they could be re-used, saved in the parts bin, or tossed in the trash. When I took apart the plastic covering the D-ring assemblies, I got these high-quality parts to use with...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah, those caps are for spare-elimination setups...I don't think Rugged Ridge advises or suggests that you don't need the bump stops after installing their setup. It's a solid carrier and hinge reinforcement, but it's still attached to sheet metal, and when you cantilever a load like a heavier...
  15. Questions that don’t deserve their own thread....

    1. Yes. 2. There's a button to the right of the hazard lights button labeled "P off". 5. I turned off ESS (purportedly better for engine longevity), but I do notice a rough idle sometimes. My engine has <2000 miles on it, and it's mated to the 6-speed manual.
  16. FCA to become Stellantis

    An anagram for Stellantis is "lets in salt", which is great for producing that distinctive, genuine Jeep rust.
  17. USB Ports failing?

    So, after a bit of cabling shuffling and the buying of stouter cables and extensions, I think Uconnect is working nominally for me, with less regular disconnects (they happen rarely, instead of regularly). I use a Sabrent cable extension and a Baseus coiled cable with an LG V20 phone. The...
  18. Tire weight in decision process?

    It was important to me; I even made a spreadsheet to compare my aftermarket choices versus OEM. I got a Sahara with 18" wheels, but I wanted 17" wheels and a wider tire (for beach and sand). I tried to keep the same overall diameter and weight. I don't need or want a lift, so I ended up...
  19. Will This Be The Wrangler’s True Competitor? 2021 Ford Bronco First Leaked Look

    Yeah, I saw an old, well-maintained Scout in a Raising Cane's drive-thru lane recently. I think it was actually a Scout II. I had to do a double-take, thinking at first glance and a few hundred feet away that it might be a new Bronco naked in the wild.
  20. Stripped a bolt.. f what do I do????

    I recently saw a video online wherein a thick rubber band was put between the screwdriver and stripped screwhead. That made me think that a small dollop of 5-minute steel-reinforced epoxy putty could work, too. I was thinking you could use plastic wrap between the epoxy putty and the...