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  1. North Alabama BOH Trail

    It was really short but fun while it lasted. The map sold by SL was not very good. Maplets had the map available and it was a whole lot better.
  2. North Alabama BOH Trail

    We were there a couple weeks ago. We ran Switchback while we were there. We also ran Bootleg Creek and our group talked about how it should be a BoH trail. Such a fun trail. The attached image is from the top of Switchback. Edit to add: Switcback is trail number 5.
  3. Rubicon Trail

    @chevymitchell, any idea?
  4. North Carolina Roll Call

    With all the beauty rings on wheels, I’d be surprised if an inspection station would pay enough attention to tell the difference.
  5. Parking on curbs/sidewalks

    You use rear lockers or the front too?
  6. Exploring North Carolina

    Today (yesterday?) we ventured out to the Appalachian Trail and hiked to High Rocks Vista. No waterfalls today - just a hike through the forest. This was one of, if not, my favorite, hikes I’ve ever been on. Nothing technical - just a lot of elevation gain. Unfortunately, I have to head home...
  7. Parking on curbs/sidewalks

    Will probably need a snatch block for a double line pull.
  8. Parking on curbs/sidewalks

    You’ll be fine as long as you disconnect your sway bar before attempting to park.
  9. Jeepin' the Dream III

    Now that you’ve got some miles on your gears, what are your thoughts?
  10. Exploring North Carolina

    Today, we headed south down 80 towards Mount Mitchell. We found a trail to Setrock Creek Falls. It wasn’t as spectacular as the last two waterfalls we found but it was fun nonetheless. The parking lot was packed and we expected the falls to be packed as well. Once again, we lucked up and had the...
  11. Exploring North Carolina

    I have a confession. Today...we stepped out...we crossed the NC/TN border and visited Martin’s Creek Falls in Erwin, TN. We rode into TN via 197 and 395. We drove through Erwin, which appeared to have been laid out by a toddler. We passed the local high school in a roundabout. I briefly thought...
  12. Ohio Teraflex Alpha HD adjustable tire carrier

    lemme check with the boss and I’ll get back to you in the morning.
  13. Exploring North Carolina

    I decided to take my kiddos to the mountains this week after a mix up in vacation requests allowed me to have an unexpected week off. We loaded up the Jeep and headed to Green Mountain, NC. Got here late yesterday and spent the evening getting settled in. This morning we woke up to a crisp 63...
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    Elroy would stomp on it every chance he got. Hahaha
  15. Looking for trails near Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN for newbies

    Windrock is about 90 minutes to the west of Pigeon Forge. You could hit Peters Mill Run (a BoH trail) on the way down to Pigeon Forge. It’s located in NoVa. Outside of those two places, your best bet will be forest roads in the Cherokee, Pisgah, or Nantahala National Forests.
  16. Loss of ground clearance with MC skid system?

    With the sway bar disconnected and fully articulated, yes.
  17. Loss of ground clearance with MC skid system?

    I installed the Undercloak system a while back. It is great but I’ve definitely lost clearance - although that’s to be expected. My Jeep has a lot of weight on it - LoD stubby front bumper, winch, ACE sliders, Undercloak skids, and Rhino Rack roof rack. I’m running 315/70/17s on my JLUR with no...
  18. Exploring North Carolina

    Spent the day at Bill Fever Lakeshore Trail in High Point, NC today. The Jeep did nothing other than take me from Kernersville to High Point but I got to explore a trail I’ve never been on. The trail was roughly 2 miles and easy most of the way - some roots and elevation change were the extent...
  19. Is there anywhere realistic to overland in or near East Tennessee?

    I also use iOverlander, AllTrails, and Between the 5 apps, I’m able to find most anything I need.