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    Some serious FJC vibes there. This being said, I really enjoyed the FJC TT that I had... not that I'm looking to run back to one or anything.
  2. Bob Lutz: Wrangler Will Remain the Benchmark Against New Ford Bronco

    I don't get it either. I've got a Jeep now, and it's great; I'm having a ball with it. The Bronco? It's probably going to be great too. 4runner? Had one of those and it was pretty awesome in it's own right. FJC? Had one, loved it! I don't get the hate on there being different flavors of real...
  3. I will be waving at the new Broncos

    Other way around. Jeep wave came first from the military as an act of solidarity among drivers, and then motorcycle riders copied that IIRC.
  4. I will be waving at the new Broncos

    As you should. That Cub or Vespa rider risks the same as any other rider on the street today. Two wheels, one fam.
  5. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Depends on if Ford decides to make it in something other than a non-color. If it's a good vehicle, when it's time to explore something other than my current Sport it'll be on the radar. As much as I like my Jeep, for me it would be foolish to say otherwise.
  6. How often do ya’ll drive naked and what do you use for protection?

    This is what I have installed on mine, along with JTops' duster cover for the cargo area and I go topless about 90% of the year. Seat covers help with the rain. When it rains, that sun top is like a screen door. lol
  7. Who has their top down?

    The top on mine came off about a year ago... and hasn't been on since. No carpets, sunshade and seat covers. If it's realllllly rainy, I'll steal my daughters car for the day. lol
  8. Fire result of transmission failure

    This is the correct take.
  9. DIY: Electric Hard Top Hoist

    Yep. I use this winch for a homemade lift that I designed, and I power it off of an ATV battery. I just keep the battery on a float charger. Works like a charm.
  10. Fire result of transmission failure

    Yep, this recall just popped up in the Jeep app for my rig. I mean, I'm glad they are addressing it, but super annoying at the same time. So is this like a 'stop driving my vehicle" kind of recall? Jeep doesn't seem to say.
  11. Suspension Deep Dive

    Yeah, I was thinking it might be beneficial to those who are new to our rigs, so that when we're all talking about panhard bars, they can have a resource that allows them to understand what it is and why we're talking about it.
  12. Fire result of transmission failure

    Well, crud. I read through this whole thing and was really hoping for a happy ending... Particularly as I have a 10/18 dated V6 6MT.
  13. Suspension Deep Dive

    AutoBlog just dropped this deep dive on what and where the JL's suspension parts are. If you're new to the Jeep world, or just looking to learn about the suspension on our vehicles a bit more, it's a pretty good starter...
  14. Florida suger sand

    I blew through Croom with my Sport's stock tires and didn't even bother to air down. The recommendation to find a takeoff Sport wheel tire combo for 400 bucks is a good one, or if you can a Rubi take off set. I think both would be preferable to the 18" Sahara set... but this being said, I bet...
  15. Florida suger sand

    Yes, the Sahara comes with 18" wheels and 255/70R18's. As the Sahara is the Wrangler's on road trim, this would stand to reason as that combo gives a less squidgy ride. 16's apparently can fit with proper backspacing...
  16. Florida suger sand

    Pretty positive you're going to need the 17's. This being said, even my Sport with the stock minivan Michelin 245's on 17's is just peachy on our soft Florida sand.
  17. It has been confirmed I have a rear main seal leak! Unreal!

    Or in this case, don't drive your Jeep anywhere sandy after a heavy rain. Which is troubling because that describes Florida daily. We're a rainy pile of sand. So I guess don't drive your Jeep? I don't like this thread at all, but ultimately, I'm going to say that the fault lies with the...
  18. It has been confirmed I have a rear main seal leak! Unreal!

    While I obviously don't know the entire story here, I can honestly say that if I went through some muddy water, let's say no more high than the fording height marked on the tailgate (which happens to be above the main seal I believe), and was then denied a warranty claim on said seal during my...
  19. It has been confirmed I have a rear main seal leak! Unreal!

    Dayton Andrews is hot garbage unfortunately. I got my rig at their Clearwater location simply because they had what I was looking for on the lot... I'll never make that mistake again. Take it to Suncoast in Seminole and see what they say. I've found them to be far more accommodating. Also...