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  1. Airbag didn’t deploy. Accident with rollover

    I'd guess it'll be totalled and checking the airbags will be moot. Glad you're ok.
  2. Please help 2020 JLUR wind noise issue

    I've read of windshields not properly sealed. Put painters tape around the inside as a quick check to see if that's the source.
  3. New owner/ 2019 Jeep sahara

    It's a Jeep. It will make it through just fine. Maybe unscrew the antenna if you're concerned.
  4. A-pillar to windshield gap? And slow driver's side window.

    I just went out and checked and found same as you - the driver side gap with light, narrower passenger side no light. Funny, I've had it 2.5 yrs now and never noticed it. And never had the doors off, so guessing that's not related. I'm betting it's a non-issue.
  5. Tan vs Black premium top

    Tan wasn't available in 2018. I'd have gotten it instead of black.
  6. 2019 unlimited rubicon battery dead after 4-5 days sitting??

    If you're drawing 400mA, a new battery may not help. It should draw about 350mA for a few minutes after you exit the car, then drop to under 50mA.
  7. 2019 unlimited rubicon battery dead after 4-5 days sitting??

    350mA is way too high. Sounds like dealer blowing you off.
  8. Alternator charging question

    I'd be curious to see what you see when decelerating. It *should* jump up to 14.x, but perhaps the Odyssey charger brings it to a higher resting voltage than my charger does, and as you say, it sees no need to charge the battery under any condition.
  9. Alternator charging question

    If you step on the gas you'll see the alternator voltage drop, reducing its load on the engine. Conversely, if you start coasting downhill, you'll see the voltage go up - the alternator is loading the engine as a braking mechanism (however modest). The "smart" part of the alternator is how it...
  10. Gorilla glass???

  11. Alternator charging question

    Yes. It's a smart alternator that will hold off charging when the engine is working hard, and when the engine load is light it ramps up charging.
  12. Plastic License Plate Holder on Steel JLU Rubicon Bumper

    I've taken hits on the tow hook, which has much of the paint scraped off the bottom. So far, it's kept the plastic license plate frame from damage. No rock crawling, but I've been in and out of numerous steep gullies and backed into berms, sand and other stuff.
  13. ESS Stopped working - No Fault Light or Anything...

    Yes, it may be just that, possibly a weak battery. If your voltage is above 14V all the time when the engine is running, it means your alternator is working overtime trying to charge it. Get a load tester and check the batteries separately. You don't have to remove either battery to do so, but...
  14. Catch can and pre-detonation

    There are many pages worth of discussion about catch cans on this website. Some people swear by them, others laugh at them. You won't get a definitive answer, bottom line.
  15. 3.6L ESS Dual Battery Consolidated Information

    You cannot. The aux battery sits in a protective plastic well and can only be removed from above - after removing the main battery and moving the fuse box.
  16. Performing Own Oil Changes

    Wait, Amsoil ISN'T an essential oil?
  17. Remote Start and Honk, Honk

    If you're sleeping in the back on a cold morning, remote start is a nice feature that let's you start without having to get out of bed and find a way to press the brake pedal. Kinda wish it would not turn on cold air though, but rather let you default to the temp setting. And locking the doors...
  18. Windshield reservoir cap does not close properly

    Seems perfectly centered to me.
  19. Windshield reservoir cap does not close properly

    Sounds like a defective seal. Mine's a 2018 and i just checked that it's fine. Soft and supple.
  20. Jeep camper

    "Production capacity" is basically what a couple of guys can put together in a garage. They moved to an all-CAD design flow for this version and took the opportunity to learn the CAD tools at the same time. I think they still get enough builds done on the JK models to keep themselves supplied...