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  1. Does Anyone run a KC Xross bar?

    I don't have the KC Xcross bar, I went with Road Armor, but I have similar to your question. Thoughts after having them installed for a bit, random order: 1. I prefer the lights being above the windshield, doesn't block your view this way. 2. It's a pain trying to line up multiple...
  2. Best Dealer Service Department in Dallas?

    Huffines in Lewisville seemed pretty good. All they did was a lube/oil/filter and rotate tires but they didn't mess anything up. Real friendly and seemed to be willing to help.
  3. Street-parked Jeeps: how are you securing your vehicle and aftermarket parts?

    I added in actual security bolts to the light install. Ordered them off the internet so it's not like they're specific to my install but at least you can't get the removal bits at Harbor Freight.
  4. Cowl Screw Sizes - Solved

    If I remember correctly your listed sizes are what I used. I ended up just replacing the smaller one with security bolts as I couldn't find anything to match the odd shoulder set up on the longer one.
  5. 4xe Wrangler PHEV Hybrid Ad Trolls Ford Bronco

    That makes more sense, I was thinking it was some type of adjustable ride height thing. Sitting here wondering why you would do that to get the tire back in contact vs just locking the axle and not coming up with anything.
  6. Muffler Delete Damage

    Just go to a local muffler place and have them weld in some pipe to make the exhaust exit out by the rear bumper. Hate to say it but for the melted hole, I'd caulk it up and put the cargo cover back down myself.
  7. Rough Country Lifts

    My only experience with Rough Country was a 4" kit on a WJ. Once I corrected the death wobble, the lift wasn't horrible, a bit floatie feeling on the highway though. I know WJ to JL isn't really comparable.
  8. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    I hit the opposite problem with the Road Armor mounts, the upper portion is tight against the windshield frame. I need to add some felt/rubber behind it this weekend when I finish tidying up the wiring (the molex connectors for the lights are driving me stupider rattling against the window frame).
  9. Disadvantages of having the top off - whats your story??

    No Jeep horror stories yet, hoping to keep it that way. Parked my first Miata with the windows down and top up while at work. Had a stray cat get inside and piss all over the plastic rear window that was unzipped and laying on the back deck. Somehow didn't get it all over the interior but...
  10. AUX lighting wiring question

    I did 4x KC on switch 3 and the other 4x KC on switch 4. Mainly because I thought I might want to run the outboard wide angle stuff without the spots in the middle being on. In practice, it'll probably be run everything all the time.
  11. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    That garage is way too clean. Somethings not right, ;)
  12. Quick Poll III - Why are you not taking off your doors?

    I have no place to store the doors/top if I remove them, not to mention no place to keep the Jeep inside either. So buttoned up I stay.
  13. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Here's mine. No name yet.
  14. Has anyone made a fridge slide

    The same, looking for full length, heavy duty drawer sliders/tracks/whatever you call them, those things add up fast. Anyone have any ideas for lost cost ones that might actually last/work right?
  15. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    Got things mounted and lined up how I want (at least for now, think the spots might need to be angled up a little more) and even went under roading.
  16. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    Getting closer, still need to do some final alignment.
  17. KONG

    Thinking maybe the tire carrier folds down and the over the top bar is to ease lifting it back in place?
  18. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    I wanted individual 6" round led lights and greatly preferred something with a single element look (as opposed to multiple CREE showing). Didn't leave me much choice. I hope to have it all wired up this weekend or next, depending on when lights 7 & 8 ship in.
  19. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    Looking good. What specs on wheels/tires/lift? Love the stance.
  20. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    Wanted to get some comments/thoughts on 6 vs 8 lights across the top light bar. My plan was to only run 6 (4 spots in the middle and 2 driving on the ends) but it kind of feels like Road Armor is pushing me to go for 8 lights. In the picture, I'm mocking things up using factory mounting holes...