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  1. Mopar LED Headlights vs Aftermarket (Oracle, Hella, etc.)

    KC makes LED headlights for the JL but boy are they $$$!
  2. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Did you happen to measure how much lift you gained?
  3. Roof rack with Sky one touch

    Read through this thread.
  4. Recommendation: All Terrain/Hybrid

    Take a look at Cooper Discoverer ATP. I have them on my Duramax and like them. I'm also curious about Dick Cepek tires as I plan to get some whenever my JL arrives. I remember they were the shit back in the day when my dad was lifting trucks! Keep in mind that Cooper owns Dick Cepek and Mickey...
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Sounds exactly what I have planned when mine comes in. First mod will be the RSE step sliders since this will mainly be my wife's dd. Neither of us are that tall anyway! I'm more curious if anyone is mixing parts from different kits. I had my sites set on a MC GC 2.5 lift but I'm also adamant...
  6. So the Jeep Easter Egg Contest was supposed to be announced 7/27 - any news?

    I won and it went to my spam folder and I deleted it.
  7. Diesel Coolant Temp

    I've been doing a little reading while waiting for mine to arrive and it appears that the Ecodiesel uses a water cooled turbo charger. I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that this directly affects the coolant temps especially under high boost where the turbo is generating the most heat.
  8. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Any reason we can’t use Skyjacker springs with the MC lift? At least Skyjacker claims they are diesel specific.
  9. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    Are the roads grooved in your area? Some tires love to follow the grooves and will literally drive themselves. My daily driver is a Volvo wagon and even in that car on some freeways with grooved concrete, the car will follow and wiggle and shimmy back and forth. It might be the tires. But first...
  10. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    So AFE is working on a filter back exhaust AND tuner!? Sweet, I'm in! I'm hoping some other companies like Banks, S&B, PPE, etc. start coming out with more stuff for the JL diesel. I'm running S&B cai and PPE tuner on my Duramax and the gains are insane from a tune alone.
  11. Jeep Wave Etiquette: should you wave back to modified other off road rigs if they wave at you first?

    KISS If I get a wave, you get a wave. doesn’t matter what you’re driving if you wave first. If you’re in a CJ or Wrangler, you get wave. If you’re in a first gen Bronco, you’ll get a wave. (I had one).
  12. Vehicle sale regrets?

    Too many to list but I'll name a few. 64 Malibu, 71 Bronco, 84 CJ-8.
  13. Recommendation on a shop for re-gearing in Socal?

    Jeep Doctor in Temecula.
  14. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    Which Discount Tire? Is it the one that also goes buy Americas Tire in other parts of the country or is it Discount Tire and Service Center? In my area we have the America’s tire version and the latter. Thanks.
  15. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    Not available on the diesel though... That's okay. Not enough rain in SoCal to warrant it.
  16. Rock Sliders: This or That....Opinions Wanted

    As much as I love the Amp steps on my Duramax, I wouldn't want to be banging them into rocks. As soon as my JL arrives I'm installing the Rock Slide Engineering step/sliders.
  17. 4xe Wrangler PHEV Hybrid Ad Trolls Ford Bronco

    It’s the hydraulic sway bar disconnect that can be disconnected while under load in case you forget.
  18. Tailgate Key Lock Missing

    The 2020 diesel Rubicon I ordered in March and delivered in July with every available option did not have the lock. We will see when my 2021 diesel Rubi arrives...
  19. Lift Kit Confusion (Jeep Noob)

    The Rubicon allows 35s without a lift. I have one on order for that reason alone. Okay, maybe that's not the only reason but it was an important one!
  20. Bronco influence on 2021 Wrangler

    Just like the original Bronco. I used to have a 71 Bronco and never wanted to take the top off because of the silly window frame! My CJ-5 on the other hand... But now I have a 2021 on order with the silly window frame and then Ford introduces a frameless window! Arghhh!