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  1. What does everybody do for a living?

    Machinist / Toolmaker Facilities Manufacturing Maintenance Custom Motorcycle Builder Owner Operator Trucking Company Retired I had a great working career and now enjoy days at the beach with my Jeep JLR.
  2. Battery tender for JL 3.6 (with ESS)

    A lot of good info here. When I use to work at a motorcycle dealership we use to have all the batteries on a shelf hooked up to a battery tender, no new motorcycle on the floor had a battery in it. When I was looking at a New JK, it was sitting on the dealer lot for so long they couldn’t even...
  3. 3.6 with/without E torque

    I definitely like the look of the wrangler and wanted to buy a Jeep for a very long time. Looked and thought about a JK, learned a lot about Jeep in my searching and before I new it the JL was born. Really was on the fence at that point with all the new electrical on JL and not having much trust...
  4. 3.6 with/without E torque

    No battery problems here as I put a battery tender on when sitting in my garage. No not an everyday driver for me, but I’m thinking maybe that is why I have not had any battery issues. I also do not have much faith in the stock mopar battery as I have sold many new batteries for Chrysler...
  5. 3.6 with/without E torque

    Glad I purchased my 2019 JLR. No way would I buy E torque. Don’t get me wrong I really like my Rubicon, but if I was in the market now I might wait and see what the Bronco looks like.
  6. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    4wp shipped to my house in 4 days, was around $40.00
  7. Information on the automatic transmission at 60k miles

    I have always changed my transmission fluid every 50k miles, even the manual transmission. I also believe in the complete change on the automatic. Have never had a transmission failure of any kind in 50 years. Also am a big fan of Amsoil which I have been using for the past 35+ years...
  8. 3 bad steering boxes...WTH FCA?

    Wow, thanks for this info. I just checked and no damage yet but I can see where it will cause damage. I am going to flip bolt tomorrow. Again, Thank you. We need to inform others of this.
  9. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    I made my own bumper And winch plate. Wanted something different than the bumpers that were available, plus used the factory tow hooks. Installed the warn winch cover for the zeon series winches and it fits perfect. I can get at all the controls without removing the cover.
  10. AUX Switches Prewired?

    The switches themselves are already wired. The wires that you connect to are located under the hood next to the battery. There is also wires under the dash below the glove box. Check your owners manual it will show you. They are really easy to connect to.
  11. Would you if you could? 3.6 vs Diesel

    I would definitely not get the diesel. Diesels are made to be driven long distances and for long periods of time when started. They are not ment to be used as transportation to work and around town. With all the pollution controls on these new diesels the problems multiply exponentially when...
  12. 3 bad steering boxes...WTH FCA?

    Sounds like steering box is way out of adjustment and or premature wear. If the box was adjusted on the tight side or to tight to begin with you would definitely get pre mature wear in steering box. It sounds like you might have a more serious issue than a improperly adjusted steering box. You...
  13. Do you think the Alpine Sound System is an absolute essentially needed upgrade? (Sport S and higher models only)

    Maybe not an absolute must for some people, I can’t imagine not spending the cash to get it. Glad I did. Waited a long time to get my Jeep, saved money for a long time, wanted a wrangler ever since the 2015 model.
  14. 3 bad steering boxes...WTH FCA?

    My opinion and experience. First off jl steering box is junk. Aluminum heats up, expands and contracts at different rates than steel, it will never operate correctly. You need to adjust steering play with the adjuster. A very small amount makes a huge improvement. Second get the steering box...
  15. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    Just wait until everyone that buys a diesel has to replace the clogged cat, and no they will not be covered under warranty forever. I personally have seen Ram trucks sitting at the dealership for weeks waiting on parts. I’m also surprised that no one has mention the horrible exhaust smell, think...
  16. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    Have driven a diesel for years, mostly big trucks. However after driving the sprinter series vans with diesels there is no way I would spend money on one. Way to much maintenance, and I’m referring to what you cannot do without scanners and such. Sensors always going bad along with way to many...
  17. Lucky Devil - Bright White Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel (JLURD)

    Great write up, thank you. I have been stressed about where to mount the compressor. Couldn’t agree with you more on mounting options. Never thought about mounting under the drivers seat but that makes a lot more sense especially with my 2door. Also like how the controls are right there all...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have an iPhone and it fits good leaving room to insert and remove phone without any trouble. At 3/4 inch thick would definitely pushing it and probably will not fit. Try calling them they might be able to accommodate your needs. Best place I found for phone, I do not like anything mounted in...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Warn cover for the zeon& zeon platinum winch. Package part # 102639 I Ordered through 4wp best price and shipped to me in 4 days. Fit is perfect,a little tight but I can access everything without removing it. I can’t imagine having to take it off except maybe to clean everything if it were to...
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finished my front bumper. Was more time consuming than I thought it would be. Ultimate pedals with 3/4 inch longer than stock gas pedal. These people are great, they will modify to your liking. Gibson leather works, great cell phone holder.