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  1. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    Please go find a new thread to bully..... This one is mine. Go away now.
  2. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I own a jeep. I was trading in my 2016 wrangler on a new Rubicon. My family owns 8 wranglers between them. some have 2 in one household. Please do not project yourself on to me without doing your own due diligence first..... When You said "Yes, We are" I assume you are an employee of Jeep. right?
  3. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    well seems to me most are in agreement with Jeep and their lowsy customer service practices..... you know the ones you call "whiners" wow it just gets worse and worse. meanwhile I will continue to complain, or whine as you put it, to the choir. until the last Jeep customer is buying a bronco...
  4. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    another dealer in NC wants me to drive 300 miles to meet him or pay 1300.00 dollars delivery at my door. Are the Jeep people reading any of this? This is ridicules. My wife's twin turbo Cadillac was easier to buy than a Jeep. Cost just about as much too..... Are the Jeep people reading any of this?
  5. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    who could emagine going through all this to buy a damn Jeep? jumping through hoops, begging them, pleading with them to please take my money. also I have a trade in, will that count as carry on luggage?
  6. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I was offered from another dealer invoice (FWP) only, no rebates period. I have a feeling you guys have much better dealers in other areas. This is like a mafia here in Detroit area, they all obviously stick together. I am so turned off by Jeep now.
  7. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I used my credit card for the deposit and they did offer that back to me, however first he wanted to offer a new deal to satisfy me (so he said). we spent a good deal of time going over my order that was previoulsly placed that they forgot to put in with the factory.... so he said, "ok got it, I...
  8. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I did get a receipt with a customer invoice number and after digging around the Manager found my order and said they lost it and confessed it was never ordered. My salesman also was dealing with the manager on phone due to covid lay off and dealer is close so the manager is handling all the...
  9. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    My brother and I bought our New Jeep wranglers there at FOX hills within a week apart in 2016. The owner, an older fellow with long term ownership was very nice, the staff is also very nice. I considered buying a new Grand Cherokee last year as they gave me one for a loaner and I loved it.... so...
  10. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I know! Nobody ever calls me back. People say to me, give number will call you back. I say, No you won't. nobody ever does....
  11. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    as a business owner, there is never an excuse to not call a customer back when promised. Never! and on top of that, a cutomer that is trading in his Jeep fully paid for and special ordering a new one. A customer that has 6 Jeeps in his family and many more with my customers, friends, and...
  12. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I see the FWP on my order is $47,250.00 MSRP is $50,010.00 and FP is $45,088.00 so from what you are saying the 13% below list would have been 6500.00 off whereas i was only getting 5K off? I had no idea? thought the EP was the best price period! so I am learning something here for sure. however...
  13. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    employee pricing was 5k off this 50k vehicle plus 1500 rebate was the deal i was getting. was getting. not sure what the invoice price was? like said the MSRP was 50,010.00 the EP was 45,088.00 there was something called the FFP at 46,853.00 but they were giving me the EP price. although at this...
  14. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    Thank You. I have been waiting for almost 5 months to be told it was never ordered in the first place and on top of that, had i of not called them i doubt they would have contacted me. Last person you want to mess with in this business is a Jeep Wrangler customer because we know a lot of people...
  15. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    I ordered a 2020 Wrangler RUBICON 2 door manual trans with most all options on 3/11/2020 and then the covid shut down hit and they closed the Jeep assembly plant. I waited, salesman said no info, no info, no info...... So finally on 8/03/2020 I called the dealer, They said my salesman no longer...
  16. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    I agree they handled that poorly. however, you have no money and therefore really no business buying a 50K dollar car and rolling 8K in losses into it!? I hate to say this, but you are the kind of people that ruin it for those of us with money. We have to pay so much for things because the...
  17. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    yeah I ordered new Rubicon on 3/11 still waiting!
  18. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    where are you seeing all that info? I only see the different models, base price and thats it on their web site / build
  19. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    turbo is useless for off road. best is a i6 for near full torque off idle.