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  1. Top things you DON'T like about the New JL Wrangler

    This. And why in the world do I have to pay extra for a fuel door? It's ridiculous.
  2. Top things you DON'T like about the New JL Wrangler

    I have the base 5" UConnect 3 unit and haven't ever had any issues with it but I've only owned my '18 since end of October '19 and haven't even put 5k miles on it. I'm happy with the base system so far, though. Just wish it had CarPlay but I don't think it's worth the money and effort to...
  3. Any Sport/S owners remove those bumper to fender air dams?

    Thanks man, I appreciate you looking. PM me if you still have them.
  4. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    Now that I've had more seat time on some higher speed county roads - 45 to 55 mph - it's clear that my JLU has a pretty noticeable wandering issue. Every time the road crown changes slightly or I hit a frost heave/pot hole, I need to put in a correction. Which is sort of expected, but the...
  5. Any truth to this possible September steering box recall?

    I would not believe anything on Facebook, especially anything posted by someone who heard something from their service advisor - I've heard plenty of incorrect stuff from an advisor and heard 10x as much wrong info from people who misunderstood/misinterpreted their service advisor. If you're...
  6. JL Sport owners - How did you mount your front License Plate?

    I'd use the same type of self-tappers that the dealer used to mount the temp rear plate. Seems like they drilled in just fine but you probably want to drill a small pilot hole first just to make sure. My sales guy didn't give me any for the front plate so I ran without a front plate - kept it in...
  7. 2-door vs. 4-door -- All the Things Discussion

    Could those discounts have something to do with the fact that it's way more expensive than its peers, the Tacoma, Ranger, and Colorado? Every comparo I've seen likes the Gladiator except for its price. The 4 door is a perfect commuter for those of us hauling kids under 4 years old to/from day...

    Get an aftermarket exhaust for sound. The Helmholtz resonators in your intake help with power and fuel economy. They aren't there just for fun.
  9. If FCA Said We Will BuyBack Your Jeep - What Would You Get?

    I'd let the extra space in my garage sit empty until the 4-door Bronco hits Ford dealerships and buy a Black Diamond or a Badlands with the 2.3T and 7MT.
  10. Would you if you could? 3.6 vs Diesel

    I wouldn't. I don't like diesels in general and certainly wouldn't pay more to have it as my powertrain. I don't think they're fun - if you want more low-end power, get the 2.0T gas engine and you don't have to go find diesel fuel, deal with the fumes, or worry about DEF and CELs. This is an...
  11. Speccing me a 2021 JL or JLU Basic Sport: do I absolutely need an LSD?

    I have a 6MT without the rear LSD which means I have the Michelin light truck all-seasons and it seems just fine in NEOhio winters. I've heard enough posts about rear LSD issues that I'm not convinced I should care about not having it - I still have the D44 but without the...
  12. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    Because every frickin' thread on this forum has some apparently obligation to have someone to make a negative comment about ESS regardless of how relevant it is to the subject at hand. I'm so sick of hearing about it. People need to grow up and just press the button 6" from the start button...
  13. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    I misunderstood the CV boots vs. U-joint as SFA vs. IFA from this thread. My bad.
  14. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    So it doesn't have the CV axles, but rather a solid? I'd imagine for all the ire the Bronco is getting on this forum for having IFS that nobody here would want an IFS Rubicon.
  15. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Wow, I would have never thought this would mature any more than a 1-off teaser concept! It would be cool to see it continue on to make production but I bet it'll be auto only and crazy expensive.
  16. It's a Jeep thing - timing chain failure on 2020 JLU, 4600km

    This. Shit happens. Freak failure early in the life of the motor where you'd expect it. Nothing to worry about as long as they give OP a new motor.
  17. Thinking about buying my second Jeep: need guidance from the Base “Sport” model owners

    FWIW I got my JLU Sport S w/ hardtop for $31,200 back in the fall - it's got the 6 speed, too. Deals are out there if you're willing to hunt for them. Granted, it was a leftover 2018MY bought as the 2020MY were trickling into dealers so it might be hard to get $6k off a low-option Sport S. I...
  18. Will This Be The Wrangler’s True Competitor? 2021 Ford Bronco First Leaked Look

    This. It's really tough to get the power out of the Pentastar because of how tall it's geared. You really only get up in the rev range in 1st and 2nd before hitting seriously crazy speeds. I think the turbo engine (either the Ford or the FCA turbo-4) would be a great pairing to the manual...
  19. Any Sport/S owners remove those bumper to fender air dams?

    Seems like a decent side hustle for a forum member. I'd definitely buy a pre-trimmed set.
  20. How safe is a JLUR for a toddler?

    Just because others are comfortable doesn't mean it's safe. Wind noise at highway speeds can definitely damage hearing. I would keep the top up, windows up, and doors on for highway trips. It may not bother you, but there is a lot more wind hitting folks in the back seats and the noise levels...