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  1. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    My $0.015 worth. In the in mail in rebate industry, there is something call "slippage." Slippage is when a company offers a rebate knowing that a certain percent of people will not fill out the rebate, or send it in, or not read the fine print, etc. Slippage allows the people that offer the...
  2. Wrecked new Rubi today. At least Rubicon is tough!

    Sorry about the Jeep Glad you were able to walk away I'm sure there is a bunch of hidden damage.
  3. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    Rubicon50, Nice looking rig. Like the metal fenders. Just be careful with the fenders when the JLUR goes off road. The sheet metal on the JL's is not a beefy as the sheet metal on the JK's. Therefore, if the metal fender bumps into something, it is possible for the metal fenders on a JL to...
  4. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    Just my $0.015 worth... There's cheap stuff that is junk There's some $ stuff that is still junk A cheap winch with a good warranty is useless if the winch breaks on the trail as the warranty will not pull you out of the hole. Best to go with known good stuff. For me, the Artec bumpers and...
  5. Billet Stallion- Sport S Full D44 Swap

    My $0.15 worth. The Stock Rubicon D44 has some weakness issues due to the FAD. My D44 has the Artec truss system that was put on by a very good shop (Stacked Off Road). Like anything else, if the welding is done properly (e.g., right weld settings, take you time, don't weld too much at any one...
  6. JL vs. JLU Wrangler Rubicon Off-Road

    Ok... IMHO, they are both great rigs (I own a 2 Door JLR). JLRs big advantage is maneuverability in tight places, which comes in handy on East coast trails It's a toss up JLUR vs. JLR for crawling. If I was going to run a bunch of trails that were mostly rock and lots of spacing, I would get a...
  7. LOD Product support Fail

    The local Jeep shop referred me to a great local powder coat guy. The local shop your area would likely have a good recommendation as well.
  8. Hella of a lot of fun to come!

    One bit of advice... Buy good stuff. Too much stuff is cheap and its is junk There some stuff that is $ and it is still junk. For bumpers and other components, names like Artec, Rock Krawler, Next Venture, make good stuff. For winches, I only go with Warn. Because when you need a winch, it...
  9. LOD Product support Fail

    I feel your pain when it comes to getting heavy metal parts shipped and installed. Then some of the powder coating on the parts is questionable. The worst powder coating is the type that has a ruff surface. Often the ruff surface is used to hide imperfections and other problems. Now, when...
  10. Hella of a lot of fun to come!

    Congrats on getting a great rig. Future plans? Goals? (e.g., mostly DD, mild trails, rock crawling, etc.)?
  11. Crash

    First of all, glad you are OK. Some of the answers to the seat belt questions are contained in: 49 CFR § 571.209 - Standard No. 209; Seat belt assemblies. (2) For seat belt assemblies manufactured on or after February 22, 2007 and for manufacturers opting for early compliance. A retractor...
  12. Help ID another strange aftermarket modification in my new 2020 Jeep.

    Not sure where the OEM approval came from, but the OEM approval is not cited on the Pulse webistes: Furthermore, it is not mentioned in the above websites that the Pulse is a DOT approved device. A...
  13. Help ID another strange aftermarket modification in my new 2020 Jeep.

    I am with you on being hacked off at the dealer for install this crap into a new Jeep. With 10 miles on it, I assume you ordered it. I am lucky to have found a dealership that did not install any BS into the JLR that was ordered. And as time progresses, this dealer installed crap goes fails...
  14. 3" body lift on a MANUAL JL or JT !!! HELP !!!

    Looked at the link for you rig. Looks great! Really like the manual gearbox (I am biased :D). Help me to understand why go with a body lift instead of something like a Rock Krawler 3.5" lift kit (maybe even a long arm kit).?
  15. Bob Lutz: Wrangler Will Remain the Benchmark Against New Ford Bronco

    IMHO, the success of the Bronco will be on brand loyalty and the reliability of the Bronco. Many JL's never see off road action and this will be true with the Bronco. So some of the success of the Bronco will also be how good of an SUV it is. Competition is good and hopefully send a message to...
  16. Billet Stallion- Sport S Full D44 Swap

    Looks great! What tire pressure you running when climbing?
  17. First Wrangler Build - Red 2020 JLU Sahara

    Nice looking rig. Are you going to lift your Jeep and add bigger tires? I understand that most of the time, your JLU will be on road surfaces. Upgrades to the steering is a nice start (e.g., SteerSmart stuff, Synergy Sector Shaft brace).
  18. The Rebellious Bikini

    Need more pictures and info on your rig (e.g., drive train, plans, goals, etc.).
  19. Manual 2 Door Rubicon Bikini Build

    UrbanCowboy, Thanks for the kind words, and I like you TJ and JLURD. I have not noticed any difference in the fog lights, but I didn't put a lot of focus on the before and after effectiveness. The flog lights seem to work well in the Artec bumper.
  20. Stripped a bolt.. f what do I do????

    I second the weld-on-a-nut trick. Use a 220 Volt welder as they generate heat better. Tape off the painted area around the bolt If possible, place a barrier (thin sheet metal) between the nut and the paint. If possible, have the nut stand off paint a small amount to reduce the amount of heat...