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  1. July 27, Sat...Florence dirt day

    Here at about 4:00 they start going over the M186 and about 7:45 he says the joint is a 1350 so that's the same as M210 I find it interesting the old D44 u-joint of 5-297X which later became the 5-760X is classified as a 1310 but has 1-3/16" caps The newer axles use the 5-7166X which is...
  2. Break Down - Service Electronic Throttle Control and Stability Control

    Does anyone have the part # for the vac hose(s) in question? I continue to get ESC and ESS lights only after prolonged climbs at altitude (10k+) and as soon as I start down the other side. My theory is that the engine is warm, possibly causing any hose in the engine bay to loosen/soften...
  3. Re gear and found weird wear and these chunks in it

    Also OP I realize you were trying to stay in Tucson but LetzRoll has some good gear guys....I'd consider that next time
  4. D60 owners - How??

    Seems to me the best way to approach this for the least money is patiently acquire parts. Look for a deal on SuperDuty axles and then use the Artec trusses Hell you can run steel 8 lug wheels if you want. But yeah, you've got driveshafts, brake lines, etc. It's amazing how those little...
  5. Re gear and found weird wear and these chunks in it

    I dunno what to make of that's ginormous (in length) I almost feel like the carrier needs to be shifted left/right away from the pinion a bit and then pinion depth reset....but this is only one theory....and impossible to say via a distant keyboard if backlash could ever be right...
  6. Dropped torx bit into frame

    Also, you didn't get the memo: only 10mm sockets are allowed to be lost forever. Dunno why, but it's ALWAYS 10mm
  7. 3 bad steering boxes...WTH FCA?

    There were theories here that the JK boxes were the same, but steel. I don't recall ever seeing anyone try a swap, though. Also I seem to recall there's at least one sensor in the JL box? If so, I don't know if the electric steering will function without it? These are things I should know but...
  8. JLU oil change frequency

    Incidentally, as exciting as it is to be a keyboard warrior, you can obtain actual, verifiable, concrete data by sending a sample to Blackstone Labs (and I think Wix also offers a service?). Certainly, it is easier to just sit around and regurgitate old wives tales and urban legend so very few...
  9. JLU oil change frequency

    I usually just run Wix, but I'll run any brand. If you're doing 5k I would not buy high end filters, just wasting $ Call your local NAPA, Parts Plus, Parts City or CarQuest and ask if they do the bi-annual Wix filter sales (usually spring and fall). You can get the Wix for a few bucks, just buy...
  10. Flashing rear locker light... bad hall effect sensor? Jeep won't warranty, part not available for puchase! I agree $180 is a lot but Z put in the legwork and the research. Most guys who think they can wire stuff usually do a hack job, so I personally have less of a problem paying for...
  11. Flashing rear locker light... bad hall effect sensor? Jeep won't warranty, part not available for puchase!

    Didn't @wibornz go thru this too? Is this what the new Z-Locker OEM addresses?
  12. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    ESS arguably can have an effect on engine longevity, so mention of it in this thread is logical. Some don't understand why people get upset about ESS. I also have to wonder about those who get upset about those who get upset about ESS. Whether complaining about the system or complaining...
  13. Seat Belt Extender compatibility?

    I'm interested, too. I did this in my F150 to overcome nanny chimes that couldn't be disabled via the normal channels This would be a fantastic way to defeat AutoPark
  14. Where is best place to buy OEM parts online?

    BAM Wholesale often has some incredible pricing. Learned of them from someone here posting. That said, I have not ordered from them, so I can't report on service
  15. Jeep Wave Etiquette: should you wave back to modified other off road rigs if they wave at you first?

    Anyone can "build" any Wrangler with a $10 socket set from Walmart. The rigs that really impress me are custom, one-offs, or even just something like an SAS on an S10 or Xterra Wranglers are just Attack of the Clones. I'm guilty of it, too, 'cause I don't have time to build anything else, but...
  16. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    I was wondering about this, too. If the 'case winds up being a turd it'll potentially make resale of a so-equipped Rubi less (but probably not a lot less 'cause the used market for all Wranglers tends to be strong)
  17. GPS Tracker found on my New 2020 Wrangler???

    The board has an ignore list....just sayin'.
  18. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    Cool! A few points: 1) it must be fake news. We all know only Toyota engines last this long. I read it on this very board, so it must be true 2) note the article says the owner changed the oil every 8k. You guys clinging to 3k OCI's are dinosaurs 3) the engineer says turn off ESS, exactly what...
  19. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    Yep, if this is the case, be wary. GM's NP246 just uses the electric shift motor to mash all the clutches together then it removes voltage to just hold the motor there, for 4H or 4L that is It works ok but the shift motors can fail in this ONE mode only, leaving you wondering why 4Auto makes...