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  1. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    thats what i thought. this is one bumper i was looking at (with the bull bar) and for some reason i was having mix feeling of the design (from looking at different photos). looking at yours seems to fit well. did you have any issues during the install and mounting the fog lights.
  2. A lot of JL bumper questions!

    @dave12345 checkout northridge4x4 and look at what they have for bumpers. also to help narrow down your search look on the left side of the webpage and check off what you want for your bumper. this will show you the what is available.
  3. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    cool looking spare tire cover.
  4. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    great looking set up. who makes the front bumper.
  5. Air conditioning fan is loud!!

    when i have my a/c on full blast, it can be loud. smiple fix is to turn the speed down one click / notch and it will quiet it down. i'm not aware of the tsb and since its not bothering me, i'm not going to fix it. beside the cabin cools down pretty fast so i really dont need to run it on high...
  6. Jeep humor waiting room

  7. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    its better to look at then driving in it. i've driven in 70mph wind (not in a jeep).not exactly fun when crap is flying all over the place.
  8. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    i learned its not a good idea to laugh my ass off when my buddy is getting wet getting in or out of my jeep when its raining. or bitch about me not having power locks or windows when he have to do it himself. how ever, after riding in the jeep he loves it and would consider in getting one.
  9. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    did you figured that out on this past tropical storm we just had.
  10. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    as for the bumpers stay away from cheap bumpers because they tend to not be able to handle a winch load. i've seen them bend, crack, and or rip right off the mounting point. i'd say with a bumper that is made in the usa because they will fit better. oversea productions tend to have issues as far...
  11. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    get your $500 back and cut tie with that dealer. like gtx mentioned. when you order a jeep you would have a printout with a von when you walk out if the dealer. with the von you can track the progress on the jeep build. i would figure out what you want as far as options on the rubicon. then...
  12. SEMA 2020 Cancelled

    i'm not surprise that sema was cancelled as with all the other big shows that have been cancelled thru out the year. its been a screwed up year with everything being cancelled. hopefully 2021 will be better. but i have a feeling we are running into the same $h*t that we are in now,
  13. What kind of MPG are you all getting with the 2020MY?

    2019 2 door sport (stock). 3.6, 8 spd auto. 10k miles on the clock. i'm getting 19-20 in town and 25-29.6 on the interstate.
  14. Can’t decide...

    get one of these. they are very useful in ford model a and other old cars with a short window. theres different mounting options. one you can mount to the windshield or dash mount. windshield mount dash mount
  15. OEM Battery Replacement

    the group 94 will fit along with the ess battery with no problem?
  16. OEM Battery Replacement

    in today's times, batteries are not what they use to be. also the newer vehicles are draining the batteries (even with the vehicle turned off) i've been a die hard fan because they last a good 8+ years out of them. i ran a die hard agm in my 07 grand cherokee and it crapped out in 3 years. so i...
  17. Bottle opener?

    who the hell want to shove a bottle on something that have been worn all over the place. stepping in what ever crap is on the ground. i'll stick with my gerber multi tool.
  18. Changing tire height

    the tire size wont make a different. the ford rim will not fit different bolt pattern. i never ran snow tiresi've ran a/t tires which are great in the snow.
  19. Will This Be The Wrangler’s True Competitor? 2021 Ford Bronco First Leaked Look

    go figured, ford cant get their shit together and be ready for a pre order run on the bronco, i can see that ford is going to rush in building the pre orders and things are not going to work right.