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  1. Recommendation on a shop for re-gearing in Socal?

    Ya rebel uses them exclusively! Not sure why the mobile gear shop wouldn’t fix their screw up!!! Interested in their story now.
  2. Recommendation on a shop for re-gearing in Socal?
  3. Evo Pro Long Arm vs Metalcloak 3.5 Game Changer for JLUR

    Super happy w my RK LongArm setup. I keep 000 stocked in my garage. I do grease the zerks every tire rotation and they have been squeak free.
  4. 15 hour trip need advice.

    Take the diesel pusher!
  5. 15 hour trip need advice.

    If you want ALL the creature comforts of home, the diesel pusher no doubt!!! Otherwise, what good is it if you don't use it?? Pulling w the RAM, is there a reason to take 2 vehicles?
  6. Fuel Storage Options

    Correct! So far, no complaints! For me, I’d rather have my items in the back concealed so ditching the glass was easy for me.
  7. 40s ONLY!

    Thank you! The bumper is Poison Spyder bruiser bumper
  8. 40s ONLY!

    I just realized you had a granite too!
  9. 40s ONLY!

    Make that 3!
  10. Am. Adventure or Ouback Tailgate Table

    Nice! Heads up, Doug is more responsive via phone. So if you don’t receive a reply, give him a ring or a txt.
  11. Lockers

    Agree with Jeep4Win said. Kind of a decision only you can answer. It makes sense to do lockers with gearing but also makes sense NOT to get em if you know you won’t use em. For mild off-roading to light off-roading (fire trails). You most likely won’t need lockers.
  12. Lockers

    What kind of wheeling do you do?
  13. Track Bar?

    Also, a good way to tell is to check the raceway set screws. Stainless steel set screws indicate the newer version which allows off the shelf grade specific grease. Black oxide set screws still require 000 grease.
  14. Rowher road next Sunday 6-14-20

    Looks like a blast!!!
  15. Am. Adventure or Ouback Tailgate Table

    Best to call him. I don’t think the website is updated. Just installed mine Sunday.
  16. Teraflex vs. Icon vs. EVO

    I can’t speak for Teraflex as I’ve only used RK only. So far, I’ve used their adventure series mid arm. No issues. Now, I’m running their long arm setup. I’ve been happy with them! For me, I also wouldn’t hesitate w Teraflex. They make some nice quality stuff!
  17. Teraflex vs. Icon vs. EVO

    Can’t go wrong with RK!
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Lookin good Vic!!!! When’s the test run!?