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  1. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    Interesting stuff. It's cool to hear from one of the engineers responsible for the design. I'd love to ask him why they didn't make a stroker version of the pentastar to more suit our jeep needs (longer stroke to provide more off-idle torque at the sacrifice of high redline that we don't need...
  2. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    Reverse gear in the manual is so high you can't back up an anthill without one of three conditions: 1. Smoking/slipping clutch entire way 2. Going so fast it's dangerous (if kids are around) or 3. Giving up and using 4Lo I could also ask for a V6 with more off-idle torque instead of a car...
  3. An old but insightful Brake Lock Differential blog for newbies

    Yeah where I hate it is when all tires have the similar amounts of traction. All BLD is doing is braking (stopping) the 2 wheels that are spinning in order to force the other 2 wheels to spin, then it brakes those 2 wheels so the original ones begin spinning again. Keep repeating this...
  4. An old but insightful Brake Lock Differential blog for newbies

    Mud, snow, jello, haha it's all a dumpster fire. I suppose if you were stuck in a ditch with a back wheel off the ground it'll help. The way it bangs things around and hammers the drivetrain is a mess and also slows overall wheel speed, which is super important when stuck in snow.
  5. An old but insightful Brake Lock Differential blog for newbies

    BLDs are unmitigated horseshit dumpster fires if you're stuck. My dodge ram has it. So glad my jeep does not need to rely on it.
  6. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    PS and this car engine seems to have a very light flywheel, making this issue even worse. (less rotating mass = less kinetic energy to transfer to the drivetrain when you let the clutch out. The no-torque engine just dies in an off-idle situation if there's a lot of resistance)
  7. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I have done the same exact thing, multiple times, man I get so pissed off that reverse is so damn high geared in these things.... and coupled with an engine with zero off-idle torque, it just can't spin all 4 wheels over in situations like deep sticky snow unless you slip the clutch. And 4-LO...
  8. JL and high winds...

    I'm dealing with this also, just off the rocky mtn front the wind is real bad here sometimes. But I'd rather have some occasional issues with wind vs an overly-aerodynamic jeep with sloped windshield and generic vanilla body styling. Or at least that's what I'm telling the wife. haha
  9. JLUR Manual trans: 3rd gear feel underpowered?

    Egad I sure can't start out in 2nd with factory tires, at least not without slipping the clutch more than I'd like. This engine is just too gutless. Sounds like this gear works well for you especially in 4-LO, i can sure understand that part, this case is almost geared too low for me to be...
  10. JLUR Manual trans: 3rd gear feel underpowered?

    One factor that you're forgetting is that gearing down the diffs gives the advantage of each transmission gear effectively gives you a shorter "range", so that would be an advantage at all speeds. Like an old physics professor told me, to make a problem's solution a little more clear, take...
  11. Am I crazy to go 5.13 gears with JLUR manual on 35s?

    Exactly this. Unless you're running a big hemi, all these new engines need much more RPM . I'm amazed at the lack of power this 3.6 has from 750-1500RPM, I think at idle you could grab the crank pulley with heavy gloves and kill the engine...haha
  12. JLUR Manual trans: 3rd gear feel underpowered?

    Agreed, it's the way to go. Even with stock tires these things need lower gears, such a high-revving engine with no power below 2,000rpm, drives me nuts. (needs a hemi...haha)
  13. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Wrangler Still on Track for 2020 Release Date

    This. I'm far from an enviro-nut, I own 2 big-block 454 chevys, haha.....but I've always liked the idea of electric vehicles for 2 reasons: we have the ability to generate our "fuel" at home, and the instant torque is freakin' spectacular (drive a tesla if you don't believe me). In addition...
  14. How to manually control the FAD

    Well, no luck. Their website only shows a kit for the JK, and one for the TJ.
  15. How to manually control the FAD

    No way....that is cool. Wonder if it'd work for our JL, I'll check. Thanks!
  16. How to manually control the FAD

    In for answers. I'd like this for backing up a trailer, especially up an incline. (manual trans) They put such a damn high geared reverse in it, I'm slipping the clutch all the time or else I'm going to fast to be safe with kids around. And of course the 3.6 has zero power at idle so it's...
  17. What is the point of the limited slip differential?

    OP maybe your clutches are already shot? How many miles on your jeep? Like one poster said, a clutch based limited slip isn't the greatest in this scenario, where one wheel has zero traction at all, but it should have at least put some power to the other tire that's on good ground, assuming...
  18. What does the R3 decal mean?

    That's the coolest damn thing I've ever seen..........haha
  19. What does the R3 decal mean?

    I thought it was a cattle brand too, and looks like an R lazy Cock-n-Balls hahaha My Uncle is a brand inspector (Montana), I need to send this to him for hilarity.