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  1. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    Starting to build out the Jeep and one of the things I didn't get for the first round of upgrades was tie rod / drag links. This would be a very solid upgrade as I'm about to add probably 30+ pounds to each wheel/tire going from stock to 37s.
  2. Do the inner bead seating areas on non-beadlock wheels vary in design? Is Method's bead grip the only variation, and are my fifteen52 wheels alright?

    Alright, still working out this wheels situation and just got my Fifteen52 Traverse HDs in and am now waiting on tires and lift. I was reading into Method's bead grip-equipped wheels and the idea is really appealing. Basically a taller inner wall along with ribs that hold the bead a little...
  3. (Somehow this post came up twice, mods please delete)

    (please delete!)
  4. California FS: Rancho Diff Glide Plates (Dana 44) - $150 - Pasadena

    I'll take em. I'm local - silver lake/Atwater Village area.
  5. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Man, I always wondered what would happen if anything went wrong needing warranty/dealer assistance up in the Sierras. I was up there a few weeks ago and noticed that the entire region has no FCA presence.
  6. Keep Recon bumper or go aftermarket?

    I love my steel bumper and dig the OEM+ look. The rear is definitely a riskier bet to keep tho, it tends to flex up and push into the body if it gets caught on a rock. The front is great in stubby mode, and I added the warn winch plate to put my 10S in. Only bumper I'd possibly move to would be...
  7. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    It's funny with the tires situation. You'll read "Toyo MTs are the best tire I've ever run and they're quiet! I got 60K out of them!" and then you'll read "Toyo MTs are trash, wear fast, and are horribly loud" elsewhere - and the same thing goes for basically any tire out there, especially the...
  8. Sahara Selec-trac, transfer case use: total noob question

    Yeah, these are the factory spec Rubicon 285/70/17 (33") BFG KO2s on the Rubicon wheels - we picked up all five wheels and tires + TPMS in nearly brand new condition for under $1k from a Rubicon owner who took them off. That's the beauty of jumping to this specific size, there's so many full...
  9. Sahara Selec-trac, transfer case use: total noob question

    We did this same KO2 takeoff swap on my buddy's Sahara and we definitely dig the side profile but are planning on lifting it a little since we drag the belly on trails. If you're only looking at light off-roading you can get away with stock height. I don't have any true side shots of his rig but...
  10. Sahara Selec-trac, transfer case use: total noob question

    Are you positive about that? We managed to overheat my buddy's - or at least that's what it seems like it did - after a ton of 4L wheelspin trying to clear an obstacle we got a SERV 4WD light and what seemed to be clutch smell. Hasn't happened in over a year since, but was scary when on the side...
  11. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    Incredible. You're making me want to move to CO as my whole state burns down around me. Big fires in both directions I typically go wheeling out here in so cal. Assuming your altitude near those alpine lakes is 10k+ feet? Also on the tire discussion, appreciate your KM3/Patagonia feedback on...
  12. Sahara Selec-trac, transfer case use: total noob question

    Yeah to second everyone else here, the 2H-->4H shift, and especially the 4H to 4L shift is so stiff when new that it'll take a bunch of shifts and a few miles to get it operating smooth. Should be fairly easy after a little while. If you plan on off roading a lot, not having Selec-Trac is...
  13. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Tolerable around town with the doors off yeah? Such a tough call on my first set of MTs - I truly want the KM3s but the appeal of the quieter treadblock design on the Patagonias is tough to pass up. I figure I could always find a buyer for the KM3s if needed tho. Thanks for the feedback
  14. Information on the automatic transmission at 60k miles

    Hmm, I wonder if there are any preventative driving techniques or anything we can do knowing this. In my '16 Audi S5 with their twin clutch DSG trans, not letting the transmission "creep" as much as possible did wonders for the longevity of the clutch packs according to heavy users and...
  15. JCR Offroad half doors

    The half door certainly looks great - I've got a 2dr white JLR also and I've been toying with painting the sport bar black to draw the eye away from it but have been unsure if it'd look good or not. I did a quick bad photoshop on yours to see how it might look, and I think it actually looks...
  16. Rubicon steel bumper weight

    That probably makes sense when you consider the bumper and the lower skid.
  17. Lock Down

    Which would mean that 48v aux battery is almost certainly in the drink in this photo? Maybe that module took on some water and shouldn't have - but I would assume they're supposed to be watertight if it mounts low on the chassis
  18. Lock Down

    Your passenger side looks to be dipping in further, but still ultimately doesn't look super deep - how long did the Jeep spend in the water like that?
  19. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    How many miles you got on those KM3s nowadays and how have they been for you? I've been sold on this size KM3 but after seeing / hearing how they sound in this review they seem like they get pretty loud after about 9k: Since I run topless / doorless most of the time I'm worried I'm gonna...
  20. Wet JL inside

    Can you pull the whole carpet without unbolting the seats? I've wanted to pull mine and clean it (and ideally swap it for something more appropriate for the task) but always figured it was a bit more involved.