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  1. JL in Europe

    @taram could I ask another favor? Could you snap a picture of the hood pop-up spring and its mounting to the hood? I just received my overnight part for the export hood pop-up spring and I want to check against an export Jeep. Below is what I received and I believe this is correct based off...
  2. JL in Europe

    It is just excited to see you lol
  3. JL in Europe

    It appears to be a rivet from the photo. Not a problem to replicate. Interestingly enough, the differences between the US and export hoods are subtle but big ones. The hood hinges are the biggest difference. The export hood hinges are roughly 1/2" longer so the front bolt holes on the US hinges...
  4. JL in Europe

    I have a Sport and didn't want to do the Rubicon hood as its not a Rubicon. Plus I like the export hood as it has a subtle CJ-7 style to it that I really like. And above all of that, just to be different. Chances of seeing another one rolling around with the same setup will be extremely rare.
  5. JL in Europe

    There are two tabs on it to align it to the hood then the rivet in the middle to affix it. I was able to source the striker plate but could not figure out what was used to hold it in place. The striker plate is #1 in the diagram. I am doing the export hood swap to a US Jeep and it has been...
  6. JL in Europe

    Perfect. That is the information I needed to know. We could not make sense as to whether it was a screw or something else. Thank you for the detailed photo!
  7. JL in Europe

    Can anyone with the export hood assist with figuring out a single part? For the hood there is a striker plate for the hood switches (ESS/Hood Open Switches) and there is a screw that affixes the striker plate to the hood. I was able to source the striker plate but me and my parts guy cannot...
  8. Dealership had an AEV built Jeep

    Beautiful Jeep. I am still patiently waiting for the JL bumpers to be released to place my order. Anyone heard any updates on the release date?
  9. Florida Silver dash $150 shipped

    Still for sale?
  10. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    Missed opportunity for Jeep to put a dagger through the Bronco's heart. All they had to do was pull an MJ with an "i'm back" and the internet would have imploded and literally nobody would care about the Bronco reveal tonight. How much more gauging of interest does FCA need? People have been...
  11. Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 Crate Axles

    Does the front come complete with the knuckles, unit bearings, and ujoints/axle shafts? Rear complete with axle shafts? Sounds like steering and swapping over the brakes are all that's needed then? I wasn't aware the driveshaft for the front was a different length. From what I've read nobody...
  12. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    Likely another concept with a Hemi conversion. I would love a factory V8 option but Jeep has repeatedly stated due to packaging and crumple zone issues the Hemi isn't an option. I wouldn't get too excited this isn't what we hope it is. I would love to be wrong though.
  13. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. Considering these wheels with some 37's in the future for my retro theme.
  14. Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 Crate Axles

    Other option is to save up extra and get a set of Dynatrac axles and be done with it all. Not planning on anything bigger than 37's.
  15. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    Hey Joe, that is correct. I have a Sport looking to put the Rubicon switch in place for an OE fit and finish. Would it be possible to wire up the Rubicon switch entirely separate from the Jeep's system to power the two lockers?
  16. Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 Crate Axles

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get some confirmation on the Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 crate axles that can be purchased through Mopar Performance Parts. I am trying to figure out if the Rubicon crate axles are complete with brakes, steering, axle shafts, knuckles, hubs, etc. out of the box, or do I...
  17. Europe Specs Rubicon/Sahara LED tail lights on Sport JL

    Excellent! I will pull my US spec LED tails out and compare. Thanks!
  18. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    Do these fit over the reverse camera without issue? Do the JL lug nuts work on these?
  19. Europe Specs Rubicon/Sahara LED tail lights on Sport JL

    That is correct. I was looking for the LED versions pictured on the left in your photo. I come from the VW/Audi world so I am used to the coding changes required for lighting adaptations I just do not know the pin out of the Euro spec LED tails versus the US spec. Been looking online for...
  20. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    Sorry if this has been covered already, but I looked through the thread and did not come across this question being asked. I have a JLUS and I am going to be putting Rubicon axles in it and planning to use the Mopar locker harness for both axles. Factory harness is a four wire setup while the...