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  1. Rubicon crate axle swap on Sport. M210 wide steering linkage

    I can’t give you any part numbers but you are correct and you don’t need a new drag link.
  2. 2020 JLU Willys 3.6 stock - what exactly do I have? Gearing, Shocks, etc?

    There are various "lookup" sites with the same info. Many people on here just add their VIN to the URL and go to it directly. You can google for jeep vin lookup and find all sorts of sites but beware that many are just spam and virus riddled.
  3. Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 Crate Axles

    Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The new tie rod improved my steering so it was worth the cost. I’m not sure about the track bar since my lift came with an adjustable one but I’m guessing an adjustable or wider track bar would be required with Rubicon width axle. The Dynatrac...
  4. ARB Single Compressor Install

    This spot won’t work with the 2.0, at least I couldn’t see how. It’s a great option for the 3.6. I did something similar to @CDwest7254 but his looks much better. I used this as an opportunity to weld some steel together to make a mount. It’s ugly but functional. Worst part was dealing with...
  5. Mopar Rubicon Dana 44 Crate Axles

    Driveshaft is not a different length nor is the drag link. Tie rod is longer. I recently had a UD44 installed on my Sahara and a new tie rod is all I needed. I already had an adjustable track bar.
  6. Drag Link Loose?

    Just recently changed tie rod to a Yeti. I still have a slight bit of play but it's almost all gone. Will probably change the drag link at some point. Haven't adjusted the steering box but am considering a slight adjustment as well. I'd love to get the steering to what I would consider normal...
  7. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Wow. What a shit sandwich. That is unreal bad.
  8. track bar/ sector shaft brace

    ALL CAPS is yelling. Just FYI. This link shows how to tighten the box. Do at your own risk.
  9. Installer messed up. Should I just buy new LCAs?

    One of the RK guys on here recommended using this right angle grease gun tip. I bought it but haven't tried it yet. Seems like it might work without cutting. Worst case either cut the spot or just...
  10. Groaning after gears

    Doubt it’s an issue with what you’re hearing but do you know for sure that friction modifier was added to the fluid in the rear? It’s for the limited slip but I have no idea if it would cause any sound if forgotten.
  11. Upgrading to Ultimate Dana 60

    I'm not sure but something to research for sure. @rustyshakelford do you have any thoughts?
  12. Upgrading to Ultimate Dana 60

    Just do it! I just got a UD44 up front. The quality is great and it's a bolt-on solution. With your future tire plans I'd just bite the bullet and do it. Probably want 538 gears. Do you have the 3.6 or 2.0 engine? That 60 with 40s is going to be a lot of new weight to push around.
  13. Lift kit advice, Rock Krawler a solid choice?

    I finally really got to test my RK kit last weekend and am very happy with the performance. Did some fairly decent flexing and off-camber stuff and the suspension worked great. I have the Adventure Series 3.5”. I may get adjustable front LCAs at some point to dial in the caster a little more for...
  14. Just bought these on Amazon

    Well, they say Rubicon, so they just make the vehicle even more awesome. Red stitching, so they make you faster, too.
  15. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    Is your battery on the passenger side like the other models? If so, the aux wires are in a bundle near the battery toward the fender well. It's not always obvious as they may be taped up and/or tucked away but assuming you have the aux package they will be in there somewhere. [edit] wow, didn't...
  16. OE Front Skid Plate Nuts

    I think these u-nuts are what is used there. If not, should be something similar. #8 here: or these might work...
  17. 2020 JLU Willys 3.6 stock - what exactly do I have? Gearing, Shocks, etc?
  18. Why no beefed up D44 rear axles?

    Yep. It's a D44 just narrower than the front. Regeared at 4.88 to match the UD44. I'll add locker at some point.
  19. Why no beefed up D44 rear axles?

    Was just discussing this with another member here. Kind of silly a UD44 rear isn't offered. That 60 would probably be hard on the v6 and the turbo, not to mention the hole patterns. I got to wheel with my UD44 front last weekend and loved it. Definitely a confidence booster not having to worry...
  20. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    Having had it for a while, I've rarely had that situation again. The top is really good on the JL. When I had that problem previously it was with some really extreme winds so perhaps just a fluke. My only real complaint is getting the rear bottom passenger side to come loose. It's pretty...