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  1. Loss of ground clearance with MC skid system?

    Asfir's 2.0 engine skid plate gain's clearance also. It eliminates the cross-member with the holes.
  2. Caster In Layman Terms.

    I'll try to simplify this as much as possible. Caster is the angle of the ball joints when compared to vertical The steering is forced to rotate around the ball joint center-line The ball joint center-line intersects the ground at a certain point Between this point and the tire's center-line...
  3. Political Memes

    He's actually referring to the death/cases ratio in this quote. I had to watch it a few times to accurately follow what was being said... It's not really a straight forward conversation.
  4. Political Memes

    Nah, I'm good. I will admit that I didn't pay close attention to the terms "cases" and "testing" as much as I should have. Oops. After all, Trump himself stated... well just look at the direct quote in the meme above. Thank you for spelling this out, it is the first reasonable explanation I...
  5. Political Memes

    Sorry, you're right.
  6. Political Memes

    When you watch the entire interview, it's actually better/worse. @13:02 "Because we are so much better at testing than any other country in the world, we show more cases" Literally 15 seconds later: presents a chart showing deaths/cases (where an artificially high cases number would make for...
  7. Political Memes

    These are all so disappointing. edit: This is a photo of Trump looking into a solar eclipse without eye protection. I wasn't intending to make it look like he was pointing at the previous post.
  8. Political Memes

    Some influenza (& pneumonia) mortality rate data from the CDC.
  9. Political Memes

    Unfortunately, you're probably correct. People are far too quick to forget. I still don't think that means we should slow testing. If anything, we should have done more testing early on and maybe we could have avoided the quarantine. But no, instead we stuck our head in the sand and tried to...
  10. Political Memes

    That's a completely separate issue that I currently don't have a firm stance on. I don't have enough information to argue what the hospitals are or are not doing. Additionally, neither Trump nor the interviewer were contesting the death numbers, they were arguing over which number to use as...
  11. Political Memes

    Ironically, "slow the testing down, please" would result in a higher deaths/cases.
  12. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    Hopefully someone will figure out an ESS conversion some day.
  13. 2.0 Turbo Dyno Tune
  14. Oil Analysis done, here are the results.

    That's 2.4 times as many oil changes than their recommended 12k interval. At $40 per test, the break even point is around $28.50/oil change.
  15. Big driving improvement after LCA swap

    Sure, no reason except for: - Price - OEM fit - Dealer can't tell that anything has been done, warranty stays intact - Doesn't require an alignment to install - Un-adjustable arms can't ever go out of adjustment - Some places won't work on "modified" suspensions Edit: Stock LCA flex...
  16. 3.6 E-torque impressions?

    The 3.6 BSG is 20 lb-ft more than the 2.0 BSG. It might help close the gap some. Hopefully someday BSG tuning becomes possible, and we can mount the 5.7's 130 lb-ft BSG on the 2.0/3.6
  17. Winch Disconnect and Mounting Plate

    Does this require the remote system to be functioning to turn it on? I don't have any aux. switches, but may add some in the future. This looks like the ideal way to get something working now that allows for expansion later...
  18. JL Rubicon caster measure

    FWIW: The XJ & ZJ caster spec is 7 degrees +/- 1 degree
  19. 40’s only for rock crawling?

    "Ride quality" can have different meanings to different people. My biggest concern with heavier tires is the increase in unsprung mass. From Wikipedia: The unsprung mass of a wheel offers a trade-off between a wheel's bump-following ability and its vibration isolation. Bumps and surface...
  20. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    Can you expand on this? Where would the oil be pulled from?