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  1. Terrible Seats

  2. Terrible Seats

    The Bronco seats should be pretty comfy. Most Ford seats are nice and big
  3. Wanting a Remote start

    Do all wranglers come with modems installed so you can remote start with the app? I know the new Bronco does that, so even a base bronco with no remote start can still be started with the app from your phone
  4. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    I bet this won't happen on the Bronco
  5. JL Sahara Altitude or Rubicon

    You get more bang for your buck with the Bronco
  6. Need Prayers sent to me. I am taking about 15 Jeep women camping and Jeeping this weekend.

    Damn, was hoping this was one of those 'one lucky guy' japanese videos
  7. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    Oh my god! Thank goodness the new Ford Bronco is coming out soon.
  8. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    Damn really disappointed at how loud the freedom top sounds
  9. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    With the governor disabled, it was really slow and hard around 130. Also couldn't stay at that speed too long as these AT tires are not rated for that speed. Felt floaty, but stable, but floaty.
  10. Any interest in ventilated seats?

    I have it on my Mustang and I love turning on my passenger's when they're not looking making them think they pissed themselves cause their taint got so cold