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  1. Dealership had an AEV built Jeep

    Surprised Jeep didn't outfit their 392 Wrangler with AEV parts. Both are vaporware, and will never happen.
  2. PSC Motorsports Steering Product Choices

    So if I order the kit with the ram,I don't need to have an additional steering stabilizer? Alternatively, if I install an aftermarket steering stabilizer, I don't need to order a kit with the ram. Which is the preferred route?
  3. Texas 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    Not yet.
  4. Underbody air tank mounting

    Sick. I'd like more pics of you have em.
  5. PSC Motorsports Steering Product Choices

    I've had it with the steering. I think my next major upgrade is the Steering components. I went to the PSC website and there are 5 different set-ups to choose from. Mu suspension set up:. 2.5 in AEV suspension lift, with 37 in BFG KO2s. Front Trackbar. Any guidance would be appreciated...
  6. JL Aluminum Half Doors - Now Available!

    It's simple really...we want it because we can't have it!
  7. Sky One-Touch Power Top w/ Roof Rack

    Yes, 59 is sufficient if you are only putting things on top of the crossbars. However, If you are considering mounting an awning on the side (now or in the future) look into how much additional space on the crossbars the awning of your choice will need. Good luck! Post pics!
  8. Gun Laws: How often do you legally carry a gun in your Jeep?

    I knew you were from Texas as soon as I read that All my buddies from around Beaumont say that it "is better to have, and not need, than need, and not have."
  9. Sky One-Touch Power Top w/ Roof Rack

    I suppose you are asking about the RhinoRack set up, but my Yakima Crossbars are 58 inches.
  10. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    It was on page 349, lol.
  11. Sky One-Touch Power Top w/ Roof Rack

    Yakima also makes a guttermount roof rack very similar to this, that has footer extensions. That is my set up, with a Yakima LoadWarrior Basket. I think the static weight is 800lbs (I would NEVER put that much weight on the fiberglass gutters), but the dynamic weight, which is a more...
  12. Anyone had issues with wheel spacers???

    I had wheel spacers that the previous owner installed on my 85 Toyota Land Cruiser. I broke 2 or 3 lug bolts trying to get them off. Yeah, you'll need AT LEAST heat. I recommend taking it to a shop today and getting them off. There's a reason they are not legal for on road use. And who...
  13. Granite Crystal vd Sting Sting Gray

    I mean, c'mon. Is there really a choice?
  14. Dealership had an AEV built Jeep

    If only their products made it to market for us all to enjoy!
  15. What is this?

    Needs a banana,next to it for context. I can't tell if it's a foot long an inch long or what!
  16. what exactly do you need for desert driving?

    First you're gonna need to get yourself a desert. Then...something to drive. Kidding. But in all seriousness, if the popular threads this week are any indication, I'm gonna say you'll need a WildTrack Bronco. We've all just about quit talking about Jeeps, so that's my suggestion. :CWL: