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  1. JLU oil change frequency

    I find the on board monitor to be pretty accurate and definitely takes in account your driving conditions. Using Penzoil Platinum full synth I would have no problem going 8-10k miles but usually change it out when the computer is around 20% life left. It's so easy and cheap to do. Especially...
  2. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    May want to have them extend your offer ;)
  3. JL Winch suggestions

    I went with this winch as well as the Zeon was pricey.
  4. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    The KBB private party is not bad considering it was like 38k new after employee discount.
  5. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Just for giggle I put my VIN in to see what they say. It's about what I'd expect I guess. Nothing blowing my mind.
  6. The JLU Gets A New Badge-PROTESTER RATED!

    Denver is not too far behind and trying very hard to be like CA, Portland, and other cities we see going down the drain. So with that said, considering the guy who shot a gun 6x got 4 charges of attempted murder, I'm sure the Jeep will get 4,000 attempted murder charges. They've been...
  7. Make the JEEP Toledo factory a tourist destination!

    I've done a bunch of private family tours. It's very meticulous how you can move through the plant to the point it has yellow arrows on the floor. It's pretty cool but don't really think you're missing all that much. It's a nice, clean factory now the Italians took over. You should have...
  8. Do you wave at Gladiators?

    I do, although as @Hayseed_JLUR mentioned above, it's not like I can usually tell the difference when they are coming head on. I would still wave.
  9. Epic FAIL when upgrading from 7"to 8.4" Uconnect

    Can you return it? May be easier to just get the correct one.
  10. Understanding dealer offer and FWP FFP etc.

    EP pricing is thrown around a lot and it seems to be 1-5%. True employee pricing requires a control number and guarantees 5% below invoice.
  11. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    The power top is $4k. The real factor will be how configurable these will be.
  12. 2021 Rubicon: Full Time 4WD available for about $695

    Had it on a RAM (4-auto) in addition to 4-lock, 4 low, and 2wd. I loved the 4-auto in a lot of situations.
  13. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Only people who smoke crack can imagine a 65-70k vehicle with sky one touch, leds, adaptive cruise, alpine stereo, cold weather, tow, etc etc plus any additional goodies for this model creeping up to 80k..
  14. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    Also interested. Do we have a link who has it at the lowest price? I didn't see it on
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    You guys should feel lucky you have paint on your hinges. Mine is half gone from rocks on the trails.
  16. Imogene pass with hitch mounted cargo rack?

    There's a couple sections that could be close. I bet if you're very careful you can pull it off.
  17. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    I've considered the same. Keeping the JLU and ordering a C8 Vette has crossed my mind. With options these are going to be over 80k so I'm waiting to see the full pricing.