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  1. Sick and tired of Los Angeles housing market

    You should read the NEWS, More people are leaving California then coming in and now with Covid proving that work from home is effective for both employee and employer there is no reason for tech and many others to live in California. Elon Musk is even getting out of California. As work from home...
  2. Washington JL Hood Like NEW Black $99 (Washington)

    They are Fuel Assault wheels 18x9 with KO2 12.5"x35" tires with a 3.5" Rancho Lift Fuel Assault at Tire Rack
  3. Sick and tired of Los Angeles housing market

    NYC, Portland and Seattle have some great priced homes right now in the city... I do not k know id buying in California is a wise long term decision considering the mass exodus of people leaving California which may kill resale for quite some time. Once might expect if you bought now to see...
  4. Washington JL Hood Like NEW Black $99 (Washington)

    Yes I switched to the Rubicon hood among other things below is the receipt from the Rubicon hood parts. Note google 15% coupon for Mopar parts they seem to always have one that will save a few $$$
  5. Half Doors Recommendation

    I have two sets of half doors, the EAS tactical and the Bestop two Piece Black Twill. Frankly I prefer the EAS doors (probably my favorite mod). probably selling my Bestop Doors. Personally I do not like the look of the solid doors. These are the EAS doors These are the Bestop Doors
  6. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    My Black Sahara out in the wild
  7. Paint Protection Film/Ceramic Coat worth it?

    I paid $1600 for full body wrap with 3M Pro only section not covered was the tailgate... Another option is buy the Bestop two piece Fabric doors for about $1400 since the doors are the most vulnerable area on the side of the Wrangler. Also note you can buy the pre cut fender portions of the 3M...
  8. Paint Protection Film/Ceramic Coat worth it?

    Graphic stickers are NOT paint protection films, they scratch just like paint does, they also discolor over time. PPF is specifically paint protection when it does get damages it is self healing. Any Wrap professional will tell you printed wraps have a 5 year life whereas good PPF like 3M is 10...
  9. Paint Protection Film/Ceramic Coat worth it?

    Decal wrap or stickers are nowhere near as durable as PPF also have about 1/2 the life of PPF so keep this in mind
  10. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    That is only relevent assuming the displacement is the sale. The only relevent data is weight per square inch in terms of weight limits. as that space tire displaces all the weight over a large area...
  11. Flat-tow Set-up

    What did Rock hard try to charge me for? So 200K miles makes you a towing wizard and that qualifies you to denounce the disclosures of the Mopars engineers? Mopar should fire them all and hire you to engineer and certify all their components. I think Rockhard makes a great bumper and I...
  12. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    I have the Slipstream enclosure which has no side walls like the Tuffy, it will be close. there is less than an inch to spare side to side. but I can get all 4 in along with my soft top windows and bag.
  13. Suspension upgrade - Currently have RC 2.5 Lift

    Rancho offer some adjustable shocks that allows you with the turn of a dial to set the shock for road or trail
  14. Flat-tow Set-up

    This is quite the think tank. Regardless of what Mopar will or will not say applies the one statement they have made They do not endorse bumper towing and the frame plate was not designed for this. The red hooks are only attached to the bumper and designed for emergency short distance towing...
  15. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    So just drove 200 miles with them yesterday, frankly I think it is quieter with top and doors off... The fronts really flap against the metal framing, which would have been avoided had Bestop added internal straps.sleeves to secure to the inner framing. I had to buy floaty/noodles and cut then...

    Yes you need that otherwise the water will drain on the engine. I am in Washington so that was a big deal for me
  17. Swapping hoods: Sahara hood on a Rubicon

    Late response Sorry, I still have my Sahara Hood can't give the damn thing away. Although I get lots of inquires from JK owners that do not read the full CL ad
  18. Swapping hoods: Sahara hood on a Rubicon

    Yes just the hood, Blanket and plastic vent inserts
  19. Looking for Boot for Soft Top

    That is a non starter, with the Diabolical being raised to remove and install the soft top you need to force it in and contort to get in the channels. I do it once a year and that is enough for me.
  20. Recommendations for high quality Neoprene seat covers?

    My point about color is quite often when you have color panels to provides depth which accentuates the lack of tight fit on those colored panel covers vs the Black you do not see or notice that it is not a 100% tight fit. However they all pretty much fit the same just more obvious with colors