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  1. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    Most campers will charge the battery and run 12v accessories off of your 7-pin connection without needing all that extra wiring. Mine does.
  2. Diesel flat tow base plate

    Don’t know if this helps but Check out the Maximus 3 flat tow plates. They require some minor cutting of the factory skid plate but in my opinion they are a really good option for flat towing without adding too much bulk to the front of the Jeep...
  3. Tow capacity on the AU Model

    I think it has something to do with the factory suspension. My JLUR would nearly do a wheelie when my camper was on the hitch without a WDH. I recently lifted it and found that it crouches much less than before (almost none).
  4. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    Mine is tight also. But it works fine even with very extreme turns. Looks like the spacing is about similar. Mine may be a little closer than yours would be because that’s a 35 on the tailgate.
  5. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    I have 35’s on my stock carrier and they fit fine. It looks tight but with the way it pivots it never makes contact.
  6. Issue after installing Sector Shaft Brace

    Could it be a wheel balance issue? I was getting similar vibration and took my wheels in to get rebalanced and that fixed it.
  7. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    So I just got back from a 2200mi round trip pulling this from Chicago to the Outer Banks (NC) and back. Weight is right at 3500lb. It towed pretty well stability wise. The RPMs stayed pretty high when we hit the mountains in PA (I want to say 4th gear at 65 MPH). This type of camper is absolute...
  8. New JLR, impressed with towing

    Yep we have the factory tow package and u swapped the grill inserts to the Gladiator inserts for more air flow. We just towed from Chicago to North Carolina (about 1100mi) and didn’t have any issues. I’m sure the trans cooler helped (which yours should have too, I believe it’s standard not just...
  9. towing mirrors

    I bought a set of these but they aren’t quite wide enough for my trailer. If anyone wants some (mirrors and adaptors), shoot me a message and I’ll give you a deal.
  10. Illinois Rampage Towing Mirrors with JL adapters

    Rampage towing mirrors with Thorn Engineering JL attachments. Just got them and also put on some convex mirrors on them. Spent a little over $90. They are just a little too narrow for my big camper I tow. $60 shipped
  11. Baja Designs are Not JL Rubicon Install Friendly with their Harness

    Instead of tapping into the DRL I just ran a fuse jumper from the fuse box. Simple and I can unhook it easily if I decide later that I don’t want them on. I used the F52 fuse.
  12. Illinois Warn 89212 100ft 5/16 Wire Rope And Hook

    Make me an offer for the cable and hook.
  13. Windshield flex/vibration

    I’ve never seen mine flex but I don’t think you’ll find many people on here who are fans of the JL windshield. Safelite is actually in my driveway right now!:LOL:
  14. Illinois Milenco Grand Aero 3 Towing Mirrors

    $80 Shipped These work great with the JL I just don’t need them anymore
  15. Milenco Grand Aero 3 Towing Mirrors

    $80 Shipped
  16. New JLR, impressed with towing

    We tow a Jayco X17Z all over the place right at Max capacity. It tows great with a WDH and brake controller. Furthest we’ve towed a single direction is 5 hours but in a couple weeks we are pulling it 1100mi to North Carolina. Should make for a good test.
  17. Issue after installing Sector Shaft Brace

    I’m sure the ESC sensors are calibrated to the JL’s shitty steering from the factory. So it thinks there’s something wrong when it steers like a normal car should. Just a guess
  18. Issue after installing Sector Shaft Brace

    So I ended up resetting everything to stock and then going through and doing the tire size, etc again. After that I did the abs initialization and it cleared it out.
  19. Daytime running lights in fenders are too bright compared to the round ones in headlights....imo

    Correct. That’s why I said programmer (tazer isn’t the only one that can do it. Halo’s with a programmer (I use a flashcal). DRL’s can be done through the radio screen. I like the DRL’s, hate the halos.