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  1. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    My experience with these is it is hit or miss and really depends on the car, zip code and their need for inventory. We tried selling my sons car this week to one of these. Carvana was $1000 (15% less) less than Carmax. Unless someone got a smoking deal and Carvana just happens to need your...
  2. Goin2drt's Sting Gray JLUR build

    I did sell the steel bumpers. The Hutchinson's are awesome and so far not many have them so I wanted that as well. I would have done the Black Rhino Armory if I didnt do these. I wanted the military look a bit.
  3. Goin2drt's Sting Gray JLUR build

    Yes DD. I will tell you my tire shop said these were a bitch to mount and balance. They got it perfect but they said it wasn’t easy. Honestly love the wheels but they are heavy as hell. No way you are changing a spare solo.
  4. TPMS Fault ?

    Two different problems. When you get the — and the light the sensors isn’t doing anything. One problem CAN be the sensor is asleep. Dropping the PSI ten PSI, drive it for a few blocks and then fill back up to the door placard MAY wake it up and get it working again, or at least the PSI. ALL...
  5. TPMS Fault ?

    Same sensor for both years unless your 2020 has TFA (Tire Fill Alert) then they are Schrader 29117 but Schrader #20398 will work for the TPMS portion just not the TFA. The newer JL's are having problems with the radio Jeep has installed having a strong enough signal for the TPMS to pick them up...
  6. Will This Be The Wrangler’s True Competitor? 2021 Ford Bronco First Leaked Look

    I watched the launch video. I’m impressed. Obviously coming right after Jeep and that is great competition is wonderful. We will see on price It will be interesting to see with a fully equipped Rubicon what the comparable Bronco will be. Only thing I don’t like and need to see close up are...
  7. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Oh got it. So yeah I ran the main power to the battery but I am using the Aux switch to turn it on and off instead of the supplied switch. I thought that is what you meant that using the aux switch as a switch was bad.
  8. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Glad it worked if it keeps doing it then go get it replaced as the battery could be going or it could be an older sensor. They should not be close to dead yet. The reason for the flat line while the others are reading is that one is not getting picked up every rotation.
  9. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    How is using the aux switch which they are intended for going to “burn the Jeep to the ground”. Please explain.
  10. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    yes air down and drive it for a block or two to see if the new lower reading comes on. Then air back up. If you are 100% stock then completely remove the Tazer and the dongle and take in to a dealer as that TPMS will be covered under warranty. Too new to go bad.
  11. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    TPMS is not working. Either it is a sleep (now sure if the Jeep was sitting for a while or not) or there is something else wrong. Lower your psi by 10 PSI. Drive the Jeep a couple of blocks and then fill it back up exactly to the PSI on the door. This is the process to wake it up. The tazer...
  12. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    Any sort of 6 cylinder isn’t worth the big leak and hype. If it isn’t a 8 cylinder Jeep is just wasting their marketing money trying to leak something to keep people from buying a Bronco.
  13. Correct OEM TPMS sensors? 29117 will be same price. Sorry just realized the 29117 is not listed. We will get that up tomorrow. Easiest way to tell if you have fill alert. Let 10 psi out. Drive so the light comes on. Should only take a...
  14. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    No the boneheaded move is a bunch of line workers that AREN'T doctors taking it upon themselves to walk off. They should all be written up and or lose their jobs. Again there is ZERO need unions these days. Well there is one use for them to protect workers that break rules, what a free lunch...
  15. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    Get rid of all the unions. It is 100% why we are in this mess to begin with.
  16. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    You may all use "5%off" as well to get that off your entire order. If the code doesn't work, let me know.
  17. Correct OEM TPMS sensors? and we appreciate the business.
  18. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Thanks for that. Schrader 20398 is the OE sensor and on some 20’s they Added the Fill Alert System where the Jeep will beep when it gets to the correct pressure. Those are Schrader 29117. Both with the same protocol so they both work however the Fill Alert will only work with the 29117. As I...
  19. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I just bought this and installed it. Yes the wheels chucks are included. NO WAY that poly will get hot enough inside the cab. I had poly in the engine bay and yes was too hot there and I added some steel braided but under the seat it won't get hot enough. Also the air vent blows right on it...
  20. Can TPMS sensors be retrained?

    Because I have been in the business for 12 years and buy directly from every major manufacturer directly. I know exactly what a 20398 costs. My team has also purchased TPMS after TPMS off eBay and other sites, broken them open and done comparisons. There are more fake and Chinese made TPMS...