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  1. JLU oil change frequency

    Could have been misleading.
  2. JLU oil change frequency

    Quietest oil burner I ever had!
  3. JLU oil change frequency

    Jks with the 3.8 use a different filter than the 3.6. So I would conclude that the filter is specific to the engine not model.
  4. New Jeep owner how soon can you use synthetic oils.

    Everyone is full of shit except you. Must be comforting to know you’re the only one that‘S got all the answers. If someone disagrees with you they are liars according to you.
  5. Sherman Pass

    Great photos guys!
  6. No problems with my Jeep today - Or ever!

    I have two more with no issues, but I get called a liar for stating that So get prepared.
  7. No problems with my Jeep today - Or ever!

    Well then it must be true and I have special vision. so if approx. 600,000 have been sold what is your forum percentage of ownership represent with Defroster problems that are legit?
  8. No problems with my Jeep today - Or ever!

    Amazing. I was in my upstate NY home town in January and didn't have any defroster problems. So now you'll have to look for something else. What's next....nibs on the tire are uneven?
  9. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    You couldn't find the badge.
  10. I don't get the Sahara

    What would you consider luxury items on a Wrangler? When I hear luxury, I'm thinking Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Caddy, Lincoln, etc.
  11. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    The truth is what I said, I have had no issues with my two Jeep JL’s. Aside from that I can make my own decisions without influence from a forum. Every forum you go to it’s the same crap. Few people join a forum to tell everyone how well their vehicle is performing. Take a good look at some...
  12. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    Remember, leases are the easiest way to hide costs. Financing is simple amortization calculation, leases can be calculated a couple of different ways. Leases are basically nothing more tha interest on depreciation. Little known fact....residual values can be negotiated a well as all other...
  13. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    How could you and I be the only ones not to have problems? Probably because the majority of owners don’t have problems?! The OP got what he was looking for....trolling and stirring the shit pot. im going to go have a drink in honor of our Jeeps JL. Cheers!
  14. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Thanks for calling me a liar. I did take them both back for recalls but didn‘t have death wobble before or after, no disappearing off road pages, no wandering with steering, issues. Don’t care about the key fob size because I actually evaluated that during the test drive, didn’t...
  15. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Do you realize that most owners don't have any issues? I bought 2 early 2018 JL's and haven't had any issues. There are many folks on here that have issues after modifications and screwing with the programming by Tazer type devices. Guys that know what they're doing don't have many issues...
  16. Help me decide - Sahara or Rubicon Recon

    Why would I listen to advice from an owner that has the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle? Additionally, he drives on the wrong side of the road. As a result I would guess any conclusion he makes is wrong! Although I've had several 3.6 engines and never had an issue, I did test...
  17. Help me decide - Sahara or Rubicon Recon

    I have one of each, Rubicon for me Sahara for my wife. Sahara is better ride and better mileage. Rubicon if you like the rugged look and want to get the job done! I like the 4:10 gears over the 3:73 in the Sahara. Had no issues with either vehicle.
  18. Install - Jeep JL Tixo (MORE Knock-Off) Dead Pedal

    I agree, worst installation experience. I ended up making a special deep well socket with a magnet in the socket itself. I lathed down the outside diameter so it would fit the back bolt. Good job and thanks for sharing.
  19. BAK x4 Revolver rolling tonneau Install and review

    I have this top on my 2013 RAM 2500 and love it. It can take about 300 lbs of weight fully extended. Use Protectant 303 on the top surface. Had it for about 6 years and no issues.