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  1. New Jersey Quadratec Bike Rack

    Hey All, 4 bike rack with locking anti wobble hitch pin. 2 inch receiver required. I’ve had it for less than a year and upgraded to a platform rack. Works perfect, one strap snapped but you can order a replacement from Quadratec for about $5. Local pick up in Matawan NJ. $100 OBO
  2. New Jersey Cross Bar / Roof Rack

    Hey All, Looking to buy the removable cross bars that clip onto the drip rail. Mopar would be ideal but fine with aftermarket options as well. Ideally it will be used to pop kayaks on top so if you have a setup your looking to get rid of let me know.
  3. New Jersey Synergy 1.75 spacers (red) 4

    Hey Mark, I'll take them! Can pick them up tomorrow or Sunday let me know what works best.
  4. Smoked Hourglass Taillight Brightness

    I ordered the KiwiMaster's off Amazon and I'm super disappointed. I spent a few months reaching out to them because the back left taillight wasn't sealed properly and currently has water inside of it. Amazon processed a credit back to me since they have not been responding to them either...

    Those rims look great on the GCM!!
  6. Fiery Red LED Tail Lights

    Looks great! Might need to order the 3rd brake light after seeing yours.
  7. Anyone have the Rampage 90435 California Brief top? Need Clarification

    Agreed I thought it was too good to be true but at that price I took the gamble!
  8. New Jersey Sold: Dynomax Muffler Delete Pipe -$70

    Hey All, Looking to sell my dynomax muffler delete pipe for $70. Local pickup only near 07735. Had it on for about 1 month total.
  9. Anyone have the Rampage 90435 California Brief top? Need Clarification

    I also purchased this directly from Rampage for $45 and it came with the header. Best $45 I’ve spent on the Jeep so far. Not the best picture but all I have at the moment. I also have a hardtop only for what it’s worth.
  10. Fiery Red LED Tail Lights

    I didn’t do the 3rd brake light just the taillights. Post up some pictures once you get yours on!
  11. Fiery Red LED Tail Lights

    Fit is great as other mentioned reverse lights are just the same as stock but no issues at all. Also they come without instructions but plenty of info on the forums and YouTube to get them installed. Easy 10-15 minute project. KIWI MASTER Smoked LED Tail...
  12. Fiery Red LED Tail Lights

    I put a similar set from Amazon on mine. They have been on for just over 2 months but no issues at all. Will leave a review after a year to see how they hold up.
  13. Hearing clicking noise from the rear

    I knew this sound wasn’t in my head! Wife told me I’m just being OCD.
  14. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    It’s pretty noticeable where it needs to go when you remove the old muffler. I used a pair of snips and it did the job. Wish I would have taken pictures but it’s already back on. Nothing to crazy or complicated though.
  15. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    Ended up putting the delete pipe back on after making the notch. Sounds much better now I wonder if dynomax will add the notch as an update in the future?
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got it a friend to park next to. Now regretting not going with the 8.4 inch screen and the LED headlights... One quick pull of the doors and it makes up for my regrets lol
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Made a trip down to GA to see family and got to drive my mom’s Sahara with the SkyOne Touch Top... really considering trading my sport s to get something with this top. A bit jealous of everyone with one of these now!
  18. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    Right? I thought it was just me. Contemplated getting headliners to see if that helped but those are low on the totem poll of “wants” for the Jeep.
  19. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    On the highway it was too much for me. I have a hard top and the echo or reverb I get at highway speeds was enough for me to go back to stock. I do miss it at low speeds and driving around town. I will say with the top off I didn’t mind the sound at all. I’ll go back and forth a few more times...
  20. My new 35’s

    Looks great!