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  1. God damn service locker lights

    Rear locker blinked occasionally in the past week and now this 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    PMed you! they refused to fix my steering because the tech said it was normal.
  3. South Carolina Sold: FS: OEM Style LED Fog Lights (work for non-LED vehicles)

    pair of OEM style LED fog lights, was in my non-LED vehicle for a month and switched to Steel bumper will mount to a plastic bumper $60 shipped lower 48
  4. South Carolina WTT: BLACK-->TAN/BROWN

    bump for MOAB or RUBICON TAN seats!
  5. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    how do you all tighten the nut for the bumper on the inside of the frame?! I have like NO ROOM! and for those with the ebay knock off bumpers... I have a lot of extra pieces....any clue as to where they go? i have a weird shaped bracket and a long steel piece with nut welded onto it... clueless
  6. South Carolina WTT: BLACK-->TAN/BROWN

    Bump for Tan Seats.
  7. South Carolina Sold: --------------

  8. South Carolina Tazer JL Mini

    looking for Tazer Mini (the full version not lite)
  9. South Carolina WTT: BLACK-->TAN/BROWN

    Ah..then we would have to swap front seat covers.... I mean could be doable! Only thing is you're in pensacola...hours away from me ....:(
  10. South Carolina WTT: BLACK-->TAN/BROWN

    actively searching for a TAN, HEATED, LEATHER RUBICON or MOAB seats! will consider Sahara but not desperate just yet!
  11. The AUX switch kit you buy is not the same as if the vehicle come with it

    is it not these wires? I am also looking to add aux switches later
  12. South Carolina WTT: BLACK-->TAN/BROWN

    I have a BLACK Rubicon Heated Leather seats looking for TAN(1st choice) or DARK SADDLE(2nd choice) seats from either a Rubicon or Moab(with JEEP LOGO and must be heated) to trade the entire seats. It would be much easier to swap seats than seat covers. Located in Ladson, SC but I am willing to...
  13. California WTT or WTB Black Leather MOAB or Sahara seat/seat covers

    No worries...I have leather. :like:
  14. California WTT or WTB Black Leather MOAB or Sahara seat/seat covers

    I dont...waiting for yours to come off! :) I love me tan/brown seats
  15. California WTT or WTB Black Leather MOAB or Sahara seat/seat covers

    I would be interested in your tan covers !
  16. South Carolina WTT premium soft top plus $ for billet silver hardtop

    if you can't find it, i have a regular textured black hardtop for sale in Ladson, SC $1800 obo
  17. Replacement LED Tail lights that support blind spot detection

    i knew it was possible... just pain in the ass lol