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  1. Picked it up !

    Fuse and relay bank, looks fine to me.
  2. Picked it up !

    I shall keep that in mind. I see the new wiring has a module which uses that 12 V line to do the work, the interconnects are just a signal for the module, take the electrical load off of the vehicle wiring and switches and let the battery line do it. I like that.
  3. Picked it up !

    A few items to get yet, spare tire cover, side steps, hitch and wiring. Just popped a front set of Quadratec floor pans in.
  4. Picked it up !

    Central, Clinton county
  5. Picked it up !

    Hello all, picked it up on Wednesday. Very very nice ! Smooth as silk ! Been looking it over and have not found any inferior workmanship or poor fitting anything.
  6. It's here !!

    Picking up my new JL today at 1 PM !! 7 weeks from order almost to the day, pretty good I'd say !! Will post a pic when I get her home.
  7. Pennsylvania

    Hello all, newly joined. This is my '05 Unlimited. Two weeks ago I ordered a 2021 JL Sport-bare bones really-3.6, stick, posi-trac, Sirius, all terrian tires-thats about it in Sting Gray. No updates yet on building it, its in the scheduling phase yet.
  8. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Morning all, new member here, have a 2005 Unlimited, just ordered a NEW JL Sport, anxious for it to get here !