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  1. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Well, if you were"glamping" which I assume means luxury camping and you were never more than an hour from anything you needed you were probably not "overlanding" by any definition I have read. But call it whatever you want. I have car camped all over the country. From FL to California to...
  2. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Sourdough, depends on your definition of overlanding. How do you define overlanding?
  3. Max Payload for Overlanding

    That may have been what you intended but that's not all that you said. You ranted on RTTs, cabinets, accessories (junk I think you called it) four door jeeps and went on to say all you needed was a camping box and a sleeping bag. But then you said you don't actually have a jeep and you stay in...
  4. Max Payload for Overlanding

    No one said you have to like it. I certainly didn't. But, there is no need to denigrate it either. Course you have the right to if you want to. I would not be happy staying in a hotel every night. For me that's not the kind of adventure travel I would enjoy. Lots of folks chose that route...
  5. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Sounds like you don't have a jeep. Let's see what you actually do when you get one. I think it depends on how you set your Jeep up. Yes, you can make the vehicle too heavy. That's true of any truck though. Yes, probably some people overload their vehicle, make them too heavy with big RTTs and...
  6. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Interesting. Thanks.
  7. Max Payload for Overlanding

    ridgeway jeeper, what do you mean by they are pretending? Pretending at what? I define overlanding as "vehicle centered adventure travel." How do you define it? I have had full sized pick ups and now a 4x4 suburban, with 260,000 miles on it,most of my life. This is my first Jeep. One of...
  8. Max Payload for Overlanding

    We just departed the Keweenaw Peninsula. We used a 4x4 trail that lead from 8 mile Cliff to Lac Le Belle. Pretty rugged muddy and rock strewn route. Not maintained year round. We had no trouble even with all our gear and an overloaded stock suspension.
  9. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Who cares whether most people are "overlanding" or not. Most people that have jeeps don't off-road. If they enjoy their vehicle and are having fun that's the only thing that matters. A 4x4 truck with a cap is a capable vehicle for sure. But if you add a roof top tent it's not going to fit into...
  10. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Have a '21 JLUR. Manual transmission. Plastic bumpers. Ursa Minor camper top. ARB compressor. Home built Goose Gear style Platform, Engle fridge. We are a couple and overlanding through Michigan UP as I write this. Started in eastern NC. Out for three weeks. Lots of gear, clothing food, some...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Currently overlanding in Michigan UP. Sorry for the overly simply response. I built it similar to the Goose Gear. The lip that fits under the plate secures the side opposite the compression latches. GG used aluminum plates and mine are 1/8 manufactured fiberglass that I had on hand.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I built and installed a DIY version of a Goose Gear Platform. Took a few hours a day for about 10 days. Cost about $250. I also installed RokBlokz rear mud flaps to compliment the front ones I installed last winter.
  13. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    We completed the painting and installation of the platform plus a few additional small projects. For paint we applied two coats of Interlux Brightside Seattle Grey one part LPU paint. We rolled and tipped. We gave it a couple days to cure hard before we reinstalled it. We mounted the...
  14. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

  15. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    What are you talking about? This thread is about a platform build.
  16. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    Applied and sanded Interprotect wood Sealer then followed it with Interlux primer. Rolling and tipping paint next. Made progress building cubby shelf for left rear of jeep. Installing small remote Blue Seas fuse block. Also installed three 12v receptacles for USBs etc. More to follow....
  17. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    That's a nice platform with a lot of extra storage space. We considered such a design but ruled it out as we needed the height above the floor more than we needed storage under the floor. I like the motif design. Very cool.
  18. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I didn't take a lot of pictures while building the plate but I put a few things together below since a few folks seem interested in the steps to build the plate. Take a look at the pictures and then the narrative might make more sense. My wife gave me a...
  19. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    As part of our JLUR (with manual trans) build we ordered and finally received (8 months) our Ursa Minor J30 pop up camper. It took a few days to install it and wire it into the jeep. We have also installed an engine bay mounted ARB single pump compressor. We took the jeep up into the...
  20. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Installed a single ARB HO compressor in the wheel well using "Way of Life" ACB bracket of my 2021 JLUR with manual transmission. The compressor mounts right below the brake booster. No issues and no spacers required. No drilling required. Took a couple hours. Read his posted instructions...