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  1. Rubi sway bar disconnect

    I know with the jk's a big improvement was a manual sway bar disconnect, in the form of a knob replacing the electric solenoid. A knob right in the middle under the bumper - still a huge improvement to crawling in the mud to line up/remove/install quick disconnect links on each side. An...
  2. Off-road with a manual and hill assist

    In my previous 6 spd manual jk, I've found hill start assist is a great feature offroad for the extra security/piece of mind. But realistically, these things make enough torque in 1st gear and low range that you could easily just slowly let out the clutch without giving it any throttle to get...
  3. 37's On Rubi with just a lift.

    I mean if they can clear 35s stock, and a 37" tire has a 1" bigger radius (from the hub to outer edge of tire) theoretically it should clear 37s with a 1" lift, so 2 or 3 would be plenty I'd bet
  4. 2 Door JL Rubicon or Sport S?

    Well I bought a jk sport with ambitions of building it comparable to a Rubicon - but by the time I would regear, buy lockers, and get a stronger front axle, the price difference was already accounted for. Not to mention the superiority of a rubi's 4:1 t-case. Also, running 35s on my jk's d30...
  5. 2 Door JL Rubicon or Sport S?

    Made the mistake of settling for a sport last time with my jk. I've since learned a Rubicon is what I want!
  6. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Justin from PA here, plan on getting a 2 door rubicon this summer. A little background, I'm an industrial maintenance electrician/mechanic, 24 years old, and I got into the Jeep world in high school with a 1955 CJ5, and something stuck ever since. In '15 I bought my first new wrangler, a 2 door...