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  1. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    Are those beadlocks? can you buy them without?
  2. JLUR: Teraflex ST2 lift kit w/Falcon 3.3 SP2 - "disappointed" & issue

    This might already have been said. Contact TeraFlex. Tell them specifically you want a refund on the 3.3 shocks or they can send you a set valved for the 2dr and you will send back the ones you have. We have multiple JL is our group very unhappy with the 3.3 shocks.
  3. Broken front locker connector.

    Can you post where you got the harness or the part number?
  4. Official Denver Area Group

    Which jeep?
  5. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    These headliners will look great on my 18' JLUR!
  6. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    Did they change the gearing. The Rubicons do have the Dana 44 axles with 4.10
  7. Official Denver Area Group

    We are planning a meet Nov 7th or 8th in south Denver at a brewery. You are welcome to join if available
  8. Official Denver Area Group

    Private Message me your email if you would like to join.
  9. WTB: Painted Black Rubicon Fender Flares Colorado

    Yes. In Colorado.
  10. JL Jack Big & Tall Build

    I have heard sorted reviews of the Falcon 3.3 shocks. I have a local friend with them on a JL but with the Teraflex lift and they do not like the ride quality. Stiff, jarring, and no value from adjustment as they cannot get the ride quality they want even at the soft-end of the shocks. Can you...
  11. Colorado Sold: Mopar 2” lift kit

    for 2018 JL Unlimited 3.6L Rubicon Selling a full kit. Used for three months or 3,000 miles. Good condition. Comes with Rock Krawler isolators new. Local pickup only. $900
  12. The GudNuffJL build

    Did you have to buy the drive shafts with the 3.5" lift or was that just to upgrade them?
  13. Fenders, Plastic or Painted

    Agree with other posts. I was bummed I did not get painted. But after hitting trails every weekend in Colorado and seeing the scratches on the paint and the plastic fenders, I am happy with the black plastic.
  14. Suggestions for Skid Plate

    I am looking for a full Skid plate system. There are 8+ systems on the market. Looking for real world experience or suggestions. These are the two that are most interesting right now.
  15. Mopar Lift Spring Bow

    The Rock Crawler spring isolators will help BUT this lift should have come with an adjustable track bar. Measure how far shifted your front axle is.
  16. Recommended Denver area dealer for service?

    @SnowDog I would stay away from Auto Nation Jeep Broadway and for that matter any Auto nation other than the one in Golden. I have had bad experiences at two Auto nations. Also Larry H miller is probably single worst experience I have ever had for Service. I just went to Pollard in Boulder, by...
  17. Mopar 2" lift 77072396AB vs 77072396AC

    I had this issue. Fee free to contact me as I corrected it recently. Adjustable track bar and Rock Krawler Isolators. Measure if the front axle is shifted to the right or left.
  18. Mopar Lift Spring Bow

    Quick follow up. My front axels was shifted at least 3/4” to the passenger side with the Mopar kit. I believe this would have been fixed with some type of track bar bracket or adjustable track bar included. Either way the spring isolators both top and bottom are flawed. Running with the bowed...
  19. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    sorry if this has been asked. Are you able to remove freedom panels EASILY with this rack on?
  20. Rooftop Tent on Mopar/Thule Roof Rack

    I had the same question. I would like to buy a hard shell rooftop tent which is about 200lbs. With my wife and I it would add 300lbs easy. I feel like I have seen this done online. Any thoughts?