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  1. Parked one spot over

    Nice :like: Here’s the thread -
  2. Fuel and Oil Refresh mode in Progress Engine Running - STUCK!!!

    Following this thread. Having the same issues. Added 4 gallons of gas, FORM went away, then came back. Tried the "idling to raise oil temp and then driving" solution too. FORM went away and came back. Sometimes it goes into FORM on startup, other times the Jeep starts in electric and then...
  3. Non-Rubi/Willys wheels and "curb" appeal

    No need to change suspension, Rubicon takeoffs (33” tires) fit Sahara as is.
  4. Questionable Stock Windshield Wipers

    Mine are terrible as well. Leave behind as much water as they wipe off. Will check out the Bosch set.
  5. Non-Rubi/Willys wheels and "curb" appeal

    Another vote for putting Rubicon takeoff K02s on a Sahara. I got a 4xe which came with the 20" high altitude wheels, but didn't care for the gloss look or small sidewalls. Was able to pick up the black Willys / Moab 17" wheels with 33" K02s and couldn't be happier with the balance of look and...
  6. Please recommend black matte 17” wheels for JL

    The Willys wheels are exactly that - a matte black version of the OEM Rubicon wheels. Put them on my Sarge 4xe and love them.
  7. Changing out the grill inserts and fog light bezels

    Looks great! Did you install new grille as it came or did you paint it? I’ve got one sitting in my garage to install and not sure whether to leave as is or get out a few rattle cans…
  8. Sold My 4xe

    Good luck. What are you buying to replace it?
  9. Replacing Sahara 4xe silver trim

    Kent - did you try installing part 6CG99TZZAC? Others have said it doesn’t fit and some are wondering as you did if 6KM36TZZAA would work better. Trying to figure out which to order to get the silver off my Sarge Sahara 4xe. Thanks!
  10. Which powertrain would you get?

    You have good taste in color. I have to say I really like my 4xe, hope it proves reliable over the long-term but for now it’s quick and quiet and fun to drive. Driving electric with top open (highly recommend sky one touch) is great.
  11. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    Another vote for Sky one touch. Use it on every ride unless it’s raining. Having the roof open is my favorite part of owning a Jeep, and the thing that made me sell my Tacoma and join the Jeep family.
  12. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Just posted this in the “what did you park next to in your Jeep today” thread but probably should have put it here in the Sarge Green club. My 4xe next to a Willys.
  13. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Parked next to my Sarge buddy (my 4xe on left, Willys on the right)
  14. Bourbon talk...

    Elijah Craig was my gateway to bourbon and a good place to start. It’s always solid. The last post mentioned Woodford Reserve - the Double Oaked is very smooth. You can add a little ginger ale and ice if you want to make it a bit easier to drink. Cold weather helps, as does having someone make...
  15. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    It took a month but my battery coolant pump finally came in and seems to have fixed my CEL issue. Glad to be back in my 4xe. Good luck to everyone.
  16. Bubbling paint around door hinges

    Got it, thanks for clarifying, good luck 👍
  17. Bubbling paint around door hinges

    You aren't the only one - there is a whole thread with 109 pages of people having the same issue. Good luck.
  18. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    The delivery of my replacement battery coolant pump got delayed from this week to Oct. 13 so I am driving a loaner for another 3 weeks which will bring my time not driving my Jeep to something like 50 days assuming no further delays. Missing September and early October open top weather is a...
  19. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    That looks awesome.
  20. Exterior Color Selection

    I'm 40 as well. Thought I wanted Sting Gray but then saw a Sarge Willys and was sold (I bought a Sahara 4xe and got the Willys wheels). Agree on red accents not looking great but with black accents it is the perfect Jeep color. Swap the hood sticker and get the tan leather (it looks better...