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  1. UConnect Radio - Display Freezes and Glitches

    If the software is earlier than v39.6, here's how you update it:
  2. Uconnect manual update for 8.4?
  3. Device not supported on uconnect 8.4

    I haven't had the issue ever since I updated to 39.6.
  4. Backed into garage door like a champ, how to fix soft top beam?

    BTW, you might get better service at the bar if you say "ischo adno pivo pajaloosta." ;)
  5. Software Update?
  6. Device not supported

    Here's the info you might need in order to get the update:
  7. Device not supported

    It might help to insure the radio's software version is v.39.6. Supposedly, that fixed this issue for some devices, as well as a host of other radio issues.
  8. UConnect 4C NAV (8.4" Display) Thumb Drive Size

    Why not just play music off of your phone? No storage limit with that. You can also use an old cell phone and connect it to CarPlay/Android auto or just play through the BT connection.
  9. Some carbon fiber

    plastic stick-on that goes on top of the stock ones
  10. Some carbon fiber

    Here's mine. Went with red and CF:
  11. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' (incl. 6x9 Soundbar adapter) at Jeep Beach 2021

    I got the kit without the amps and even that was a significant improvement over the Alpine. The roll bar speakers are actually more than just filler sound now. I'm sure it sounds even better if you get the kit with the amps. If you're gonna go the same route as me though, I must admit that the...
  12. Flat Front Bumper for NYC Parking

    Why not just buy a set of wheel locks?
  13. Flat Front Bumper for NYC Parking

    NP. Honestly, removing the end caps or having an aftermarket stubby bumper is more important than having a flatter bumper cause it means you can get closer to the car in front of you when cutting the wheel to park. You don't have the end caps catching the other car's bumper.
  14. New dash display replacement coming soon from Carobotor

    Any phone number can be easily spoofed to appear as if you're located somewhere else. Otherwise, it would be really easy for the FBI to track down scammers based on their phone number.
  15. Flat Front Bumper for NYC Parking

    If you get the OEM steel bumper group option, you can remove the end caps. So, your bumper will end right where your fog lights are. That's what I have and it definitely makes parking in tight NYC spots a breeze.
  16. Unconnect radio issues

    Check your radio's software version. The latest one is v39.6 and fixes all those issues, aside from the screen delaminating:
  17. JL Back Seat Removal

    Make sure the seat's two front latching mechanisms are latching on to both of the two floor hoops properly on both sides. When putting the seat back in, it's easy to accidentally latch to only one hoop on each side by having the seat too towards the front or to the back. If that happens, the...
  18. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    What software version is your current radio? When I had mine replaced, it was several versions older than what is the most current, v39.6.