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  1. Rubicon plastic bumper to steel bumper question

    Those are Maximus 3 Tow Loops I don't have them myself but I've heard good things! They look nice too if you are running an OE bumper
  2. How to make adjustments to tailgate?

    I've heard that its possible to make adjustments to the tailgate in order to fix the alignment with the body, but I'm not really sure how to do it, what bolts to adjust, etc. I recently got a new rear bumper, and when I installed it I discovered that with my Rubicon take-offs and factory sport...
  3. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    So the reason why it didn't fit was that I was using my factory sport tire carrier with the rubicon wheels. I've since gotten a used rubicon tire carrier off of Facebook marketplace for like $20 and installed that and now it almost clears. It's still making contact (but not interfering with...
  4. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    Here’s a photo.
  5. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    So, I picked up a used rubicon tire carrier for like $20 and installed it. It definitely pulled the tire closer in, so it seems to have done its job in that regard. Does anyone know the factory torque specs for tightening the plastic carrier to the tailgate? When installing the RC relocation...
  6. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    I know this is a bit of an older thread, but I wanted to ask specifically how exactly to make itclose properly, and if so, would that fix any rattling? I have Rubicon take-off Wildpeaks on my Sport S and just got an RC relocation bracket to clear my new bumper, and within a week I noticed that...
  7. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    I like this idea as well. I guess I was kind of thinking of trying a similar idea but with the factory rubicon tire carrier, but my question would be now that the sag has already started, has the damage already been done? Or, would this, in combination with adjusting it reinforce it enough? I...
  8. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    I know you also mentioned adjustment to the bolts, what exactly does that entail?
  9. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    Never heard of CAVFAB but this tire carrier looks awesome. Like you said, review are great and the price is only $650, when something like the Teraflex one is like $1300. Will definitely be checking this one out further, but I can't help but say it feels pretty overkill for a 33 inch tire...
  10. Tailgate Sag With Rubicon Take-Offs

    So I've had a set of Rubicon wheels and Fallen Wildpeak M/Ts for a while. I got them from another forum member last year and they've been great. Fitment was perfect, until I recently installed a new rear bumper and the tire no longer cleared the bottom of the bumper (and thus the trunk would...
  11. Virginia (5) JL Sport S Wheels + Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain Tires

    Yep, still available! Im in the NOVA area.
  12. Mopar Steel front bumper - front license plate mounting options

    Not sure about the plate issue, but the exposed wiring is correct, it comes like that from the factory. The connectors are watertight. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  13. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    Yeah without the sensors it will be much faster, probably half what it took me haha. For the tire, it completely prevents the trunk from closing, to the point where I had to take it off until my bracket comes. Other than that though, this thing is awesome. Would totally recommend, minus the...
  14. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    Bumper went on earlier today, I really love it. Like I said above, though, my spare is no longer fitting. I noticed the hole on the side of the bumper, I suspected it's for a future tire carrier. First off, is this right? Second, if so, can you give an estimate as to when it would be...
  15. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    Bumper went on today, and I'm really happy with it. Like I mentioned above, though, my spare no longer fits. I noticed the hole on the side of the bumper, it looks like a spot for a future tire carrier. First off, is this correct? Secondly, if so, any idea as to when it would be released...
  16. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    Alright, its in! Install went really well. Removing the bumper was pretty straightforward, and taking out the parking sensors was easy but rly time consuming. There are probably 25-30 little screws that you have to take out to separate the two layers of the bumper and take the sensors out...
  17. Rear bumper question/recommendations

    Of course! I have Rubicon take-off Wildpeaks, which are 33's, so you'll be all good.
  18. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Been on here for a while but just discovered this group, here's mine: 2019 Sport S 2 Door with rubicon wheels/tires and springs/shocks