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  1. GMRS antenna mounting

    Thanks!! I'm planning to run two coax lines from the rear up to the front, with this information I'll wait to do them at the same time since it's a little effort to do it cleanly up the right side. Appreciate the info greatly!
  2. GMRS antenna mounting

    Tons of great information in this thread. Question I would ask is if someone wanted to run a gmrs antenna and cb antenna on the back end of the JL, separating the mounting locations to either side of the spare perhaps. Can both coax cables be run together or is that a horrible plan? Thanks!
  3. Fender mount GMRS antenna and under seat power (pic heavy)

    Any issues with running the CB and GMRS antennas on the rear? I have the cool tech gmrs mount but have been considering adding a CB just for a failsafe, perhaps on the left of the spare. The question really is can I run both antenna cables along the same path, essentially together?
  4. Service Stop Start System

    I had mine in for what sounds like the same issue. Mine was a simple software update definitely wasn't a full day of effort for them. I would maybe try a different dealer.
  5. Sugar Hill Offroad Park NC

    Uwharrie is in Troy, NC We were just there yesterday, its pretty nice up there
  6. North Carolina Roll Call

    heading to Uwharrie in the morning, pretty much last minute trip organized through a local Facebook group. As a completely off chance, is anyone heading out there in the morning? We are planning to be at the Eldorado Outpost by 10am, perhaps earlier depending on stops.
  7. The Rocket Matt 1019 Rubicon Modification Journal.

    Very nice thanks for the link!
  8. The Rocket Matt 1019 Rubicon Modification Journal.

    Very nice. Definitely check out a reciever extension for your hitch if you plan to use a bike rack or other stuff that goes up from the hitch. The spare tire sometimes can cause spacing issues. Curious what console tray you went with? Any pics?
  9. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Given how other shipments have taken a while, please don't shoot the messenger here but... Friday last week I ordered it and today it was delivered, 4 calendar days ahead of schedule. 7 days from order to delivery...maybe they are getting better but I did opt for the express DHL delivery. I...
  10. North Carolina Roll Call

    There's a Hampton Inn up that way. Not a ton of places to eat up there so having a rental house where you can cook is a good option. This place was nice last time I was down there but it's been 2yrs for me since I stayed at this place. Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/ Corolla 333 Audubon...
  11. M.O.R.E. bellypan

    ^^ what he said :) Pics are impressive, I'm looking for some better protection for the underside of my JLU, Have the skid plates from the factory but reading that aftermarkets are better.
  12. Just got road raged by a Karen

    two words .... train horn :CWL: Had one on my truck for years, was always great to get someone's attention or simply be an ass to people that need it. I haven't had the jeep that long but suspect there will be one installed before the year is over
  13. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Just got a text from DHL saying it's scheduled for delivery Monday the 29th. We'll see if it shows up then but feel much more confident in DHL notification than the seller given previous comments in the thread :)
  14. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    actually got the tracking number so it says it's in transit. hopefully it's on something that flies not floats LOL
  15. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Willyb will do. I added the expedited shipping so here’s to hoping. I did get an email saying it had shipped within about 12hrs if ordering.
  16. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    15 pages later, I took the plunge and ordered one. Loyalty code doesnt work but it's on sale for $129 so about the same. Added the extra shipping so here's to hoping it comes sooner than later.