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  1. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    That's my dog Ken. He's offended.
  2. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    There you go buttercup. Changed it just for you.
  3. With fewer 2 door options, would you consider a Bronco?

    The 2 door, yes. The 4 door, hard pass.
  4. Bronco Raptor edition = longer life cycle for 392 ??

    I'd honestly choose a Bronco Raptor over the 392, because of its IFS
  5. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    Bump. Working on my post count because that what matters..
  6. Bronco vs JL on 35s

    Oh wow, interesting. I'm starting to regret my Wrangler purchase. $5#*!
  7. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    Maybe it's time to retire your account. Sell your Wrangler if you have one, go buy a Bronco and have fun with it. 26 posts and counting, not a single post or thread promoting Broncos. Seeing 2 Bronco threads created by you on the 1st page is an eyesore.
  8. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    Why are the moderators allowing this small group of outsiders bombard the forum with Bronco posts? This is starting to get annoying. I'm on this forum because I have a Wrangler, not a Bronco. I don't care if Bronco's are equal or better than Wrangler.. I don't have one nor am I interested in...
  9. All this Bronco talk 🤢🤢🤮

    The last sentence was a mistake, should have left that out. I had already made my point, which was the difference between IFS and SA. You can't ignore that fact. Yes, they are both awesome "trail" rigs. The Bronco just came out, so time will tell. I'm far more confident in my Rubicon over my...
  10. All this Bronco talk 🤢🤢🤮

    The headlines should have never read: "Wrangler vs Bronco", instead "Bronco vs 4runner"... or Range Rover, Explorer, Blazer, etc. Solid Axle vs (IFS) Independent Front Suspension... If you want road comfort and a foot of wheel travel off road, IFS is what you're looking for. If you want a little...
  11. Am I Crazy to Buy Another JLUR

    I almost bought the scat pack widebody before I settled on a JLUR. Wasn't even thinking about the Wrangler until I saw it at the dealership. You should go with the hydro blue to mix things up on the drive way.
  12. Block Heater Cord -- Found it!

    Update: the plug is on the passenger side for diesel owners, near the front end.
  13. How important are heated seats to you?

    Ordered my JLUR bare bones. More convenience/tech, greater chance of failure and causing headaches down the road. I always turned off heated seats and steering wheel. If my hands are cold, I'll just aim the vents at them. Only thing I wish Jeep offered is automatic windshield wipers.
  14. Pics of Your Jeep with Mud Flaps

    Here are some more pictures. Like I said, really east to align and install. Holds up real well and keeps the doors clean all for $15.
  15. Pics of Your Jeep with Mud Flaps

    I'll update this post when I get back home next week. This is the only picture I have. Bought universal mud flaps on amazon for $15, since the rock sliders, step rails didn't provide full protection from debris, mud, rocks, etc. Since installing the flaps, the doors have stayed shiny clean. One...
  16. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    No, I did not get it installed. I double checked this forum to make sure 3/4" was enough clearance. I'm still reading through the thread and it looks like I might need to buy 3/4" bump stops. Just ordered the Teraflex 1" front, 0.5" rear. Being that I'm an eco-diesel and sit a little higher...